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Monday, March 22, 2010

Good luck Mr President

Obama's healthcare reform cliffhanger
LATEST: Democratic leaders in the US House of Representatives say they have the votes to pass a landmark healthcare reform bill seen as critical to President Barack Obama's political standing and legislative agenda. "We have the votes now ... as we speak," Representative John Larson, head of the House Democratic Caucus, said on ABC's This Week when asked if the majority party had the 216 votes needed to pass the bill over unified Republican opposition.

Sure his foreign affairs policy leaves a lot to be desired (although America's recent denouncement of Israeli aggression for building MORE houses on stolen Palestinian land and Israel's outrageous economic blockade and strangulation of Gaza are welcome departures from 'Israel-as-the-51st-State-of-the-US' mantra), one has to admire his ability to pass desperately needed health care reform away from the interests of Insurance Corporations to the interests of the people all in the face of hysterical hate speech groups like the ridiculous Tea Party movement and self interested industry corporates.

Watching the debate and how any attempt to universally protect a nations health gets described as 'Socialism' is a reminder of how many Americans live in a Fox News la-la land and the level of self delusion the financial interests of an insurance industry has managed to inject into the psyche of America.

Reform is desperately needed and Obama's attempt would be the first real suggestion that Government of the people, by the people, in the interests of the people is really possible in the USA.

Good luck Mr President.


At 22/3/10 2:36 pm, Blogger JonL said...

It's a shame that Obamas "reform" is nothing of the kind. Compulsory health insurance for those that don't have it (and can't afford it) and piss weak fines against insurance companies that don't insure people, hardly constitutes reform, in my book!

At 22/3/10 4:17 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Very valid points, its such a shame it isn't stronger

At 22/3/10 7:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck this post is funny.

The surge in Afghanistan with continued CIA assassinations as well as as record amounts of miliary aid to Israel and Taiwan and Bomber still thinks BECAUSE OF THE COLOUR OF OBAMA'S SKIN that he's going to somehow break with the U.S strategic interests.

Maybe you'll learn someday Bomber.

At 22/3/10 10:46 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

Weird Shit! Where did the colour of his skin come into it? Perhaps the sheet you were wearing at the time of typing feel over you eyes and confused you?

At 23/3/10 11:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah dude, anyone who criticizes Obamas wall st bailout is a member of the KKK.

Grow the fuck up and law at the facts not the rhetoric.

At 23/3/10 4:15 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

No Fuck Head you weren't mentioning a Wall St bailout you were talking about the colour of his skin. Giant Cock!I hate the fact that he's done nothing about pulling out of Afghanistan and I loath the bailout of the bloodsucking money trader and bankers of Wall St. But the colour of the guys skin is only relevant to a racist shit-head!

At 24/3/10 11:26 am, Anonymous Sam Clemenz said...

Though this Bill isn't to the public's benefit, it is a first step toward Universal single payer not for profit that American's so desperately need to actually change the system for the better. The heavy lifting will begin now to reign in Insurance Companies, Big Pharma, and the Legal Industry that represents the "Sue-U" mentality that drives the cost of mal-practice insurance through the roof for doctors and makes their charges astronomical in proportion. This was truly a landmark victory in that sense. At least the gates are open for the race to begin! No guarantees, but at least a little hope. That's about all your going to accomplish from Greed Driven Free Market Capitalists who will kick and scream and spit on anyone who wants to represent the "People's" best interests over their self serving - "me first-screw you" interest that is so prevalent there in the land of the un-free...

We have the opposite happening here in NZ - we are quickly reverting to privatization of the medical industry and opening the door for Insurance company competition.. Insurance company competition will have the same affect as opening the Power Industry to competition that Max Bradford shoved down NZ's throat the last time National held the reign of power. It has led to collusion and price fixing in order to increase profits and access to mass amounts of money for the Cowboy Principals. It's the same story with Oil Companies, Telecom, Railways, and offshoring of our manufacturing base have all gone the way of the dinosaur in their quests for greed driven returns. Constantly supressed people can only give so much before something else gives. When we have been squeezed so hard that the boil of National Government bursts, the result is going to be an astronomical Crime rate increase in all sectors as the increasing population of poor attempt to survive. Sad really, that we all can't just take care of each other and not put money first in between your neighbours and life in our beautiful country.

At 24/3/10 2:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL It's fucking funny to see all you liberals supporting Obama on the premise that because he's black then he'll be a liberal.

Unfortunately liberal in the US still means he's still right wing so you all look uber retarded when he continues dubyas policies. Seriously stupid mistake.

Keep the faith. all the while he's bringing death and destruction to Afghanistan.


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