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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ACC under National

ACC rejecting genuine claims, says surgeon
ACC is declining genuine claims for surgery on "unfair and unreasonable" grounds, a respected Wellington neurosurgeon says. Martin Hunn, a specialist at Wellington and Wakefield hospitals, has had three patients turned down for spinal surgery since January, with ACC saying their injuries were caused by pre-existing wear and tear, not accidents.

So anyone over 40 with spinal damage will get it rejected by ACC because it's normal 'wear and tear' is it, and in the example being used in this article that 'wear and tear' just happened to magically occur after the patient suffered a prolapsed disc in his neck during a collapsed scrum in a club rugby game last year.

Not content to re-traumatise sexual abuse victims by forcing them to claim they are mental just to get money for counselling, the stress the Government have put ACC under is now rejecting claims for legitimate surgery.

ACC is being privatized by a manufactured crises against the advice of Pricewaterhouse Coopers for the Australian Insurance shark industry who stand to make a $200 million killing and NZ, you’ve let John Key do it because you like him and don’t want to spoil your infatuation.

Is John Key's vacant aspiration varnish starting to wear off yet? Using domestic neoliberal tax cut, free market, deregulation policy to counter an economic crises caused by global neoliberal tax cut, free market, deregulation policy is the outright definition of insanity.


At 23/3/10 11:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Key has never impressed me and has continued in the same vein since becoming pm.As for acc this is just a continuance of the rorts its played on unsuspecting members of the NZ public for years.In saying that some members of the NZ public have done very well from their rorts on acc.

At 23/3/10 7:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wear and tear earning fucking tax dollars! sadly theres noone else to vote for so national can get away with this kinda shit!

At 24/3/10 12:22 am, Anonymous Mrs Hawes said...

Er - no-one else to vote for? Which country is Anonymous (for chrissake, what is your opinion worth if you can't put your name to it?) in? National only get away with this kinda shit because spineless anonymous gits fold at the first hurdle - and, apparently, can't read their ballot papers.

At 24/3/10 3:25 pm, Anonymous AAMC said...

Mrs Hawes, I agree! Phill Goff Unfortunately doesn't present a very compelling option does he anon, and the Greens are suffering from a similar lack of inspirational leaders, but as an alternative to National and Act, at this point any alternative is viable. The continued persuit of Washington consensus policy must be stopped in his country. Unfortunately voting Labour may only hold the ratchet in place but it beats private prisons, mining, privatisation of ACC and so on.....

At 24/3/10 5:35 pm, Anonymous Exclamation Mark said...

I'd be happy for ACC to pay for all cost associated with injuries like the guy who hurt his neck playing rugby IF people who play contact sport - which have phenomenally high injury rates - had to pay ACC levies just like businesses do.

Why should everyone have to pay for the people who put themselves at great risk of injury by playing rough contact sports?

By the way - if you knew a bit more about rugby you would know that wear and tear on the neck is pretty common for rugby forwards.

The guy is 39 ffs, you can't say that bashing heads with other people every Saturday morning, every winter for 20 odd years isn't going to cause some cumulative damage.


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