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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shhhh, reefer madness not such a big story now at TVNZ

Huh? What? Shhhh? How come there was NO mention of the TVNZ staff caught smoking weed on the 6pm news? TVNZ were more than happy to put together a hatchet job on the prohibition movement, re-editing the original supportive story into an embarrassing reefer madness joke and screen it on Close Up - YET NOT ONE WORD on the 6pm Bulletin about their own staff partaking in a harmless smoke after the story was shot which only serves to reiterate the pointlessness of this nonsense prohibition law.

TVNZ probes claim staff used cannabis
Television New Zealand is investigating an allegation that staff smoked cannabis while in Waitangi during a visit by drug law reform campaigners.

An unkind person might suggest there are two standards at TVNZ - one which plays to the reefer madness hysteria and then one that does all it can to protect it's own reputation from the very reefer madness story they propagate.

Oh the irony.


At 13/2/10 7:35 pm, Blogger Will de Cleene said...

Tony Veitch. Now that's irony.

That said, the news vacuum was unexpected.

At 15/2/10 8:59 am, Anonymous MR NEWS said...

Agreed BOMBER!
I told Dakta Green they would do a hit piece and now that I've been proven correct I'm not sure who lost out of the whole scenario, the public were exposed to a total propaganda piece and the movement were pissed off enough to reveal that they had a smoke with them to get back at them for doing so. However, is the damage done? Did close up producers knowingly and deliberately try to sabotage the Legalise Cannabis movement in order to further the interests of their owners the fascist National Government?

At 27/2/10 10:44 am, Blogger Blair Anderson said...

The selective use of old footage in the TVNZ 'thinkless' piece that misrepresented what happened the on NORML/WAITANGI tour was notable for including someone who couldnt have possibly been on the bus. He was in jail at the time (for cannabis!). Second, an old trick in the edit suite is to take some event, shred it into momentary vignettes and show the sequence backwards... it makes one ending look like many beginings. And they did that to the smoking of a 'joint' an activity that to watch is otherwise as interesting and as informative as filming a Brick'y downing a 12oz Tui apres work.

Yawn..., and then unsurprisingly, some media folk do what media folk do. Share the joy. Insiders in the media have never shied away from the truth that media people would be 'more than represented' in the 52% of adult NZ'ers who have partaken in the 'reasonin' herb.

Perhaps the 'stereotypical stoner' who looks a lot like them may come as a culture shock, but 'self examination' is a lot like that... One looks but never really wants to find anything!

Now if media reported that there was (that week) a Law Commission review, or more sensationaly, that New Zealand legally regulated recreational psychoactive 'soft' drug USE a year ago... it might have demonstrated some semblance of informed and balanced 'we ask the questions!' journalism.

Instead... they chose toilet journalism. But got caught not wiping their own arse!


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