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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lunch on the Credit Card

Contrite MPs give up credit cards
Some red-faced ministers were yesterday shredding their Ministerial Services credit cards and paying money back to the Government after being caught with irregularities in their use. Housing and Fishing Minister Phil Heatley yesterday handed in his credit card and paid back about $1100 after the details of his credit card use became public. Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee also issued an apology and handed in his card, paying back $152.90 for a lunch with his electorate staff in September. Both were publicly reprimanded over their actions by Prime Minister John Key after their credit card statements were obtained by the Dominion Post under the Official Information Act. Both surrendered their credit cards to avoid a repeat.

Ooops? That's all they've got as a response? I think that what is most revealing about this is that people on quarter of a million dollars are so quick to use our money to pay for lunch. All up however, this issue is a cheap shot, when compared to the vast swathe of things National are ramming through, Phil and Gerry's lunch costs are the least of our worries.


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