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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

John Key lied about not raising GST

The vacant aspiration of our PM on display once again. Pity the lack of a short term memory of our mainstream media missed this clip of Key ruling out raising GST yesterday to spoil the PM's after speech glow.

John Key said if he does a half decent job of the economy we wouldn't need to raise GST to pay for his tax cut for the rich, his own words damn what his Government has been able to achieve since the failed job summit.

We are paying more GST to fund tax cuts for the rich while National mine conservation land for the benefit of transnational mining corporates.

"Environmental mining" is like "good cancer". It doesn't exist.


At 10/2/10 3:00 pm, Blogger Marty Mars said...

double dipton and pinocchiokey

but who is gepetto?

At 10/2/10 3:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiwiblog's proclaiming that the raise in gst is a good thing.

Its a done deal, gst is going up.

The poor are paying for the rich.

At 10/2/10 4:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raising GST, and currently paying a high rate of income tax already, I'll say again, was John Key lying or was he joking when he said that he wouldn't raise taxes?

At 10/2/10 4:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must have been a joke anonymous!
I mean - come on people - raising GST is not defined as a 'tax rise'? Interesting definition Mr Key. So we pay less income tax but get a higher GST rate. Hmmmm - remember that phrase about 'Robbing Peter to pay Paul'?

At 10/2/10 6:13 pm, Anonymous Mikey said...

Prime Minister John Key has come under fire in Parliament this afternoon after a Herald video revealed he had ruled out a GST rise during his election campaign in 2008.


At 11/2/10 12:10 am, Blogger Unknown said...

Something to watch out for when politicians discuss tax rates: average vs. median income.

Some people earn large amounts, while many earn a pittance. The average income is $48000 but the median is $29000. That's a big difference, when the "average New Zealander" is actually the person on the median income.

At 11/2/10 6:59 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

Incredibly sad, a facile cynical and arrogant move by NZ NAT PM, destined now to oblivion, and a reputation as being bereft of skill.
New Zealand is a high cost, low wage, low dollar, foreign investor Country supported by the Maori party.


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