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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ACT's Auckland City coup d'état

Power of unelected boards disturbs Auckland bill critics
Unelected boards of businesspeople will control at least 75 per cent, if not 90 per cent, of existing council business under the Auckland Super City, says Rodney District councillor Suzanne Weld. She said plans for at least seven council-controlled organisations (CCOs) would be funded by Auckland ratepayers but have no accountability to them. "This is a deliberate attempt to separate and compartmentalise ordinary council business and to keep the citizens of Auckland at arm's length from their assets and their facilities." Ms Weld was speaking on the first day of hearings before a special Auckland governance select committee considering the Government's third and final piece of Super City legislation. The scale and scope of council-controlled organisations is emerging as a hot issue in the Local Government (Auckland Law Reform) Bill, which contains much of the detail for the Super City.

After annexing Auckland under a misuse of urgency, this is the coup d'état by ACT, Council-controlled organizations is such a clever lie to sell the fact that these Organizations are not controlled by the Council AT ALL. These deceptively named 'Council-controlled organisations' are really unelected business men, appointed by Rodney Hide to run the 7 largest organizations in Auckland in secret with no public meetings, no public agendas and no public minutes.

It is a ludicrous situation and a naked attempt to seize power from the people of Auckland by hiding the inner workings of the SuperCity for unelected business men to do as they wish with total lack of public scrutiny.

Council-controlled organisations:
Auckland Transport *
Watercare Services Ltd *
Waterfront Development Agency *
Economic Development, Tourism and Events Agency
Property Holdings and Development
Major Regional Facilities
Council Investments

While ACT outwardly don't seem to have much influence, that is an illusion. The Government is a National-ACT majority, Hide pledged his support immediately to National and they have enormous influence. The fact that these council-controlled organisations will not publish any details of their work to the public should make EVERY NZer deeply suspicious of this ACT initiated coup of Auckland City.


At 24/2/10 3:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta hate that MMP aye Bomber.

You probably voted for it.


At 24/2/10 3:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How typical of a winger to try and lay the blame for John Key's destruction of Aucklanders' only other tier of government at the feet of MMP.
This is the biggest policy change the Nat govt has enacted, just because MMP causes them to have to lay it on their stalking horse/scapegoat Rodney Hide, only a fool would think this isn't exactly what the Nats wanted.
Under FPP they would have had the dictatorship of the majority (obtained as usual for Nats with less than 50% of the primary vote) to protect them and would be able to pass this regression to 18th century pre-universal suffrage tyranny, without hiding behind rodney's ample girth.
Margaret Thatcher did the same thing to London's GLC in her first term of office, and the legacy of corruption and incompetence which followed that, is one of the reasons that the corrupt and incompetent Brown govt is currently recovering in the pommie polls:

However bad the new-Labourites may be, the old Tories were infinitely worse.

At 24/2/10 4:58 pm, Anonymous Chris said...


This comes to mind.

At 24/2/10 5:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"How typical of a winger to try and lay the blame for John Key's destruction of Aucklanders' only other tier of government at the feet of MMP."

Which will be duly replaced by another. What a retard.

Doesn't look like your dog whistle posts are having any effect. Maybe if you superimpose Hides face on the top of old nazi portrits it'll doing something no matter how tryhard it looks.

At 26/2/10 9:37 pm, Anonymous Grant said...

Patience Bomber. Let them dig their own shallow grave. They have 18 months to fully sow the seeds of the National defeat in 2011. The fun thing is they can't even see that, they are so desperate. I would say we'll have Rodney burning in effigy before September next year.


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