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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Save Campbell Live! Facebook group

If we don't want the Australian money men dictating our current affairs to us, we best show them there is no way we want Campbell Live replaced with @ Seven, join the Facebook group 'Save Campbell Live!' now.


At 31/1/10 4:12 pm, Anonymous Bosco said...

After seeing his utterly pathetic slimy greasing up to Joe Karam and David Bain and other notable performances this year, ie medals interview etc I think its high time we did replace him so that he can take up his calling as the editor of a woman's tabloid.

Seven was utter shite though, surely it can't be that hard to find someone able to host a program that gets back to the roots of what the 'after news' slot was supposed to do.

At 31/1/10 4:25 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Bosco you are harsh but fair, yes there have been times when I've rolled my eyes and screamed at the screen, "Oh come on John, what the hell", but seeing as the replacement is @seven, come on bosco, COME ON. I would prefer to poke my eyeballs out with spoons than be forced to watch that abomination.

There have been sad moments I agree, but Campbell at his best really is one of the finest current affairs hosts in NZ.

At 31/1/10 4:40 pm, Anonymous Asker of Ask said...

It's a sad state when we're calling Campbell "one of the finest current affairs host" when all he presents is a nightly diet of pap. I would rather watch the lame Shakespearean drama of Shortland Street then one minute of either TV One or TV3's pieces of 7pm fucking shit.
Although, like Sainsbury, Campbell did have talent once.

At 31/1/10 4:43 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

GRIN - Yes I think we can all agree regardless of where you are on the right or the left that current affairs on TV in this country is pretty dreadful, but do any of us really want to see Campbell Live replaced with @ Seven?

At 1/2/10 1:13 am, Blogger Bomber said...

That's not nice IP

At 1/2/10 9:36 am, Anonymous Bosco said...

On the upside, if it is replaced by @seven it will kill two birds with one stone, get rid of that fool campbell and shortly thereafter in the midst of dismal ratings consign @seven and its hosts to the same fate never to shame our screens again.

An expensive lesson is probably the only way to convince the bosses at three that we don't want tabloid nosh or pathetic unfunny clowns with scripted jokes on at that time.

At 1/2/10 10:22 am, Blogger Bomber said...

which is great for the incumbent government I suppose bosco, uninformed masses stay stupid and the 4th estate role of the media is further degraded so that the powerful who are in power are not held account at a time of double dip recession and unemployment climbing above where the PM was optimistic that it wouldn't cross.

How about this as a scenario a dear admirer emailed me with - TV3 cut back their hour long news to just 30mins, a more tabloid downgraded Campbell Live starts at 6.30 and a sitcom at 7?

The idea that Campbell Live was really being considered for replacement by @ seven suggests quality is not the motivating factor but that cost cutting is.

Do we really want our media so dumbed down and what impact does that have for the electorate?

I understand your desire bosco to have a media that isn't holding National to account but I don't think that's very good for NZ.

I come back to the point, do we really want Australian money men degrading our current affairs to this level? With National clearly planning to privatize TVNZ post 2011 we won't own any of the mainstream media in our own country.

At 1/2/10 12:10 pm, Anonymous Bosco said...

Talk about completely missing the point Bomber.

I want a decent show hosted by a real journalist who is combative, intelligent, informed, politically neutral and asking questions of anyone and everything. Basically the opposite of JC and his slimy greasing.

At 1/2/10 8:05 pm, Anonymous Grant said...

Campbell sis STILL good , its just his programme has been taken over by the once-over-lightly brigade. They should be setting themselves apart as the programme that does hard news well and takes on the govt in any area they see fit. Take out Campbell and you have RNZ Nes as about the only outlet taking things anywhere near seriously. And THEY get their money from the govt. If the govt wnats to shut them down then all they do is stop the funding. Then where are we at ...?

At 1/2/10 9:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Campbell Live does make me twitch mostly but as good and bad as it is - when it goes we'll all regret the demise of an attempt to provide semi-decent analysis.
Sure we have to put up with 80% bullshit in order to get 20% of something have decent, but that's the nature of NZ TV for 2 decades now (and counting).
And it won't just be Campbell Live. TVNZ7 and 6 are likely to bite the dust on the basis that "There are other ways" of providing PSB - such as wrapping them in half a dozen layers of absolute commercialism so that they become unwatchable and die an unnatural death.

At 1/2/10 10:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Campbell was good when he first started his show. Anyone remember corngate with Helen Clark etc ?? but today he want's everyone to watch his camera turns. It's either him or a clean out of the people behind C/live.

But no way @ seven

At 2/2/10 7:57 am, Anonymous Trevor Albert said...

I'm sorry, but after the promos announcing the return of Cambell Live, where John talks feelingly about the singular privilege and journalistic imperative of his emoting about issues, I have no respect left for the man or the show. That's reinforced by the fact that in that same promo he lists the Bain verdict, apparently without irony, as one of the times we should have been glad he was there, feeling things, telling us his feelings, showing us his feelings, helping us to better know his feelings. Screw that. It was an embarrassment. That trend in current affairs is an embarrassment. And for my money, while @seven is fairly dire, it's no worse than what Cambell Live has become (if you're prepared to honestly measure Campbell's recent performance without sentiment for the journalist he once was).


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