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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The SAS didn't fire a shot (yeah right)

SAS blew up missile site, foiled bombs
The blanket secrecy over SAS operations has been ditched, effective immediately, with the Defence Force revealing that elite troopers recently helped capture bomb-makers in Kabul. Force Chief Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae yesterday said the SAS last year destroyed a rocket station on the outskirts of Kabul that had been abandoned by insurgents preparing to fire into the city. But he also said that he was not aware that the SAS had fired any shots "in anger" in the present deployment, coming to the end of the first of three six-month rotations.

Shhh NZ is trying to kill people here! This is officially a farce.

So John Key tells us last week at a nervous press conference that there was so little SAS involvement in the attack on Kabul that he shouldn't really bother even mentioning it - THEN we get a French Journalist taking hot photos of our Hero Corporal Willie looking like a Jockey's advert waltzing out of a building where Taliban were killed. Huh? We either weren't involved to the extent our Prime Minister claimed OR we were as per the French Journalist.

Key has been caught out and the mad scramble to redefine the SAS as some sort of peace keeping force is the most unbelievable joke I've had the displeasure of having to listen to.

It looks like the US have pressured John Key into a much more active role than originally stated when Key claimed we would simply be mentoring not fighting alongside the Crisis Response Unit - yet here we are fighting alongside them. Seeing as we will role over and spy on our own people at the request of the FBI, is it really that hard to imagine Key rolling over for the American's to force us to fight rather than train?

All John Key is saying, is give war a chance.

Amazing how all our media focus on is the issue of hiding the identities of the SAS. Not one question about ‘what the bloody hell are we doing in Afghanistan again’. Key's nervous press conference last week was born out of trying to hide the SAS involvement so this exact question wouldn't get asked. Personally I don't give a flying rats arse about the secrecy of our troops, my taxes pay for this bloody war, and I am entitled to know about what my tax dollars are doing in my name.

We have a rich history of rushing into war to make our overseas masters happy, John Key continues that gutless tradition with a flag blinded media happy to censor themselves and not hold the Prime Minister to account so as not to offend da troops.

On top of this baloney we now have to pretend our trained killer SAS didn't fire a shot in anger - yeah right.


At 27/1/10 8:20 am, Anonymous sdm said...

So you want to pull out, creating a vacuum for the Taliban to fill, next to a country in Pakistan that is unstable, nuclear armed, with Taliban sympathisers, and hope the region becomes stable.


At 27/1/10 8:50 am, Blogger Bomber said...

So you want to send in more troops, killing more civilians, killing more of our troops, creating more resistance and creating more grievance for radicals to use to con kids into strapping bombs to themselves?


See we can both play the 'put words into the mouths of others and damning them for those words' game Scott, you are usually better than this, come on champ, go have a coffee and then come back and have another go.

Seriously, you want to back up Key lying through his teeth on this in a sad attempt to look like he isn't America's bitch in Afghanistan, try a better line of attack.

At 27/1/10 9:25 am, Anonymous sdm said...

Can I ask then what you think would happen in the region if the ISAF were to up and leave?

At 27/1/10 11:07 am, Anonymous pb said...

It'll be fun to see how certain bits of rhetoric evolve once the Afghan 'government' starts handing out the lollies to taleban.

Oooh look he's a good taleban, not like those other talebans.

At 27/1/10 11:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how the fuck would you know if they had or hadn't fired a shot?? self righteous fucking dreamer.

At 27/1/10 11:12 am, Blogger Bomber said...

how the fuck would you know if they had or hadn't fired a shot?? self righteous fucking dreamer.

Grin - it's always the brave anonymous posters isn't it folks, sorry brave anonymous poster, I didn't realize you couldn't read, let me make it a little more obvious for you...

Seeing as we will role over and spy on our own people at the request of the FBI, is it really that hard to imagine Key rolling over for the American's to force us to fight rather than train?

At 27/1/10 11:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The americans already tried by killing thousands of taliban and that didn't work. Its time they fucked off back to their SUV's and starbuck's in Los Angeles.

Willie Apiata is wasting his time in Kabul. What difference did the NZ SAS make over there? Fuck all!

At 27/1/10 12:11 pm, Anonymous orowhana said...

The best thing that could happen to Pakistan would be for the US to pull out. Pakistan is where the CIA headquarters are for South West Asia. In 1980 Pakistan did not have a single heroin addict. By 1985 when the CIA had set up their South West Asia organisation, funding and arming the Mujahadeen Pakistan had 1 million heroin addicts.It is Amerika who runs the opium business folks. Until you get that thru your heads you will never understand Amerikan foreign policy.
And it is the drug business that keeps Wall Street from dying a natural death. For all the unbelievers out here look up William Blum Rogue State on the net and start researching the truth about modern warfare.

At 27/1/10 1:40 pm, Anonymous deano said...

Good shit SAS. Afghanistan is the current battleground to defend civilization.

At 29/1/10 10:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course they didn't fire a shot in anger.

SAS are the best trained in the world so everyone keeps saying.

That sort of training does not allow for emotion when carrying out a mission. Anger can get you killed. Cold blooded, planned, killing by crack troops is done in earnest, and under political instruction, never in anger.

At 29/1/10 11:07 pm, Blogger ewingsc said...

"Afghanistan is the current battleground to defend civilization."


Those oil companies sure are doing their level best to undermine civilisation.


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