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Friday, January 29, 2010

Iranian executions unacceptable

Two activists 'executed in Iran'
Iran hanged two men convicted in the wake of the unrest that erupted after last year's disputed election, as a top opposition figure predicted President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be ousted before the end of his term. The United States strongly condemned the hanging, calling the executions a "low point" in Tehran's crackdown on dissent.

Beyond the fact Ahmadinejad probably won the last election, beyond the fact a hardliner like Ahmadinejad wouldn't have been elected if the bloody American's hadn't invaded countries on either side of Iran, beyond the fact that developing a nuke in Iran's case is probably the best genuine self defense option available and even beyond my hope that the recent friction created by those who wish to modernize Iran away from the hardliners is a cultural necessity and positive step towards Iranians defining their own modernity - beyond all that, the brutal crack down on dissidents and the decision to hang two leaders who were involved in organizing legitimate protest is an unacceptable abuse of power.

Let's hope the hardliners days are numbered and the people of Iran can modernize beyond the stunted yoke of theocracy MINUS the external meddling of America and Israel.


At 29/1/10 3:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Beyond the fact Ahmadinejad probably won the last election".
Despite evidence to the contrary, despite the mass protests...just why is it that people like you support tyranny ? The Iranian government is a terrible tyranny, that you defend it is contemptible - apologize.

At 29/1/10 6:05 pm, Anonymous John B said...

Christ Bomber only you could work in so many qualifications into what should be a simple condemnation of the execution of 'activists'. And you also managed to partly blame the yanks!
Well done.

At 30/1/10 8:35 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Yes John B, it is called having a considered opinion.

At 30/1/10 9:43 am, Anonymous John B said...

Well consider this..these activists (plus nine more according to today's Herald) are going to the gallows for basically doing what you're doing every day -working agaisnt the party in government. Doesn't this deserve a more strongly worded condemnation than the weak 'it's unacceptable'.How about using some of the hyperbolic, hysterical language you usually reserve when attacking the U.S ?

At 30/1/10 12:40 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Sorry John B - I didn't realize I had to make it so explicit.

Okay, I'm harder on the US because they are the last superpower and are supposed to live up to the rules, not break them. There are many repressive regimes in the world, China, Russia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Iran - and getting them to play by the rules when America illegally invades other countries based on a pack of lies makes it difficult to demand they do so.

Iran is a little bit more special a case I suppose because as you will know John B, the Americans did set this theocracy in motion after the CIA sponsored coup to install the Shar as a dictator - oh if only the US hadn't once again meddled into the internal workings of other countries huh John B, we may not have had to deal with a fundamentalist theocracy which in turn spurned the US into supporting Saddam as a balwark to the theocracy they had spawned, and of course I don't need to tell you how America's support of Saddam helped build him into another monster that of course we just had to invade.

Come to think of it, I let the fucking American's off the hook way too much, thanks for reminding me John B.

All that said - it is unacceptable at every level for Iran to hang let alone torture or even arrest these peaceful protesters and let's hope that the quote in the news article is correct and that Ahmedinejad is forced to step down over these human rights abuses.

At 30/1/10 1:37 pm, Blogger Christian said...




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