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Monday, December 21, 2009

Tolley declares holy jihad against education

Don't reject survey, principals beg Tolley
Hundreds of primary school principals have serious misgivings about the Government's national standards policy, a survey by their union shows. The Principals Federation says the survey results are "too powerful" for the Government to ignore and it must now consider trialling or delaying the standards. Conducted over five days, the survey shows 86 per cent of the 600 respondents have serious misgivings about the policy.

The latest radical escalation in violence the Minster of Education has unleashed on the unbelievers to ram through her ill thought out ‘worst thing to ever happen to education’, league tables by stealth national standards is now ridiculous in the face of total rejection of this idiocy.

Promising to raze the earth, sow the land with salt and drink the blood of every first born child from any Union delegate not willing to implement her league table by stealth national education standards, Anne Tolley declared Holy Jihad against School Boards last week who refuse to follow a policy described as the worst thing to ever happen to education in NZ. Ever.

After being caught out lying about parents supporting her national education standards, the Minister has turned to threatening school boards like a playground bully. I’m waiting for someone to post up a lunch time fist fight between her and the PPTA on youtube.

(I know you are, you said you are, but what am I?)

National desperately want to inject a false competition within education, and a league table will do that for them nicely, while the education experts have decried this policy as the worst thing to ever happen to education and while the academics all agree standard testing young children is pointless, National continue to ram through this decimation of our education system all for ideological fervor.

Now the pretense of moderation is unraveling and National are setting to privatize everything post 2011, your national assets and public services are being carved up and destroyed by the right wing again - how’s that change feeling NZ?


At 21/12/09 1:25 pm, Anonymous bc said...

I think you mean the NZEI instead of PPTA (PPTA is the secondary teachers union) but I get what you are saying, bomber.
Tolley has backed herself into a corner here, so she has to come out fighting. It's going to get ugly.
My prediction is teachers are going to test but hold on to results. Their contract expires next year so it would be a perfect form of industrial action.


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