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Monday, December 21, 2009

Rodney Hide leadership coup

Key steps in to save Hide's Act job
Rodney Hide survived moves to oust him as Act Party leader last month after Prime Minister John Key privately indicated National's deal with Act would be off if the minister were dumped.

SIGH – I love the end of the year, all the things that have happened this year that could be explosive and anything unpopular the Government wants to quietly set up for next year are all made public between now and the first week in January while the rest of the country are on holiday too drunk to care, so how about this huh?

Dirty little Rodders was against the wall and his mate John Key had to go and tell Rodger Douglas, ‘Bad, rodger, bad”, smack him on the nose and tell him never to bite the other kids in the sandpit again.

Key needs Rodney Hide for two reasons:

1: Key’s Government is not moderate, but pretends to be (hence the relationship camouflage of the Maori Party) and if Rodger fucking Douglas was leading ACT that pretense would shatter and National would lose all those voters who voted Labour pre 2008.

2: Hide is the only one Key can rely on to quietly write up all the crazy right wing policy the Auckland Business Mafia donors are demanding, Rodney is a friendly face of right wing economic fascism in a way the horse spooking Rodger Douglas could never be.

I say this leadership coup within ACT can only be settled by a televised death match between Rodney and Rodger. If we are lucky they’ll kill eachother.

The fact that this leadership push was serious reminds us of the intense pressure within the Government, a pressure that will only increase – despite being told for the 5th time this year that the recession is over, the global economy is simply at the height of the stimulus cash that has been pumped into it, once we start crashing those unemployment figures will bump that pressure and the right wing faction within the intellectual vacuum I like to refer to as John Key’s leadership, will make another push for Milton Friedman disaster capitalism as social policy.


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