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Friday, December 18, 2009

NZ God billboard – FIGHT FOR YOUR GOD!

Controversial church billboard resurrected
The controversial billboard mocking Christ’s conception was stolen last night but has already been replaced by the church which refuses to back down from the campaign. The billboard, put up by Auckland’s St Matthew-in-the-City Church yesterday, shows Joseph looking down dejectedly and Mary looking sad. Underneath is a caption, "Poor Joseph. God is a hard act to follow." Within six hours of going up it had paint thrown over it and later was stolen overnight said church spokesman Clay Nelson. But the church had printed another billboard and put it up again today. “It’s important,” he said. “We can’t let the vandalism be the last word on the subject.”

How boring – these bloody Christians aren’t really weaponizing their inter faith schism nearly enough for my liking. Splashing paint on the billboard as opposed to blowing up the church, are you the blessed faithful of not? I say death match between the Anglicans and the Catholics, slug it out and whoever is left standing gets to make jokes about the conception of Jesus.


At 18/12/09 9:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glyn Cardy has explained the billboard by saying his Church doesn't believe in immaculate conception and that God is just an idea.

Kinda makes you wonder what he is doing being an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church.

That great edifice was built on the premise that there was a Sky-god show, tickets to which were available only from them.

If Cardy is declaring a cancellation, who is in charge of refunds?

At 19/12/09 9:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cardy is an attention seeking fool who is disappointed he missed out on being elected Bishop of Auckland recently. He is trying to undermine the leadership.

At 19/12/09 10:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And some old duffer took to the billboard with her kitchen knife recently.
Really! Who needs religion predicting what you can or cannot do.
Put all the Anglicans and Catholics in a sack and left them to deal with there issues because, I for one, couldn't give a hoot!

At 19/12/09 11:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So some Christian think the billboard was wrong but vandalism is okay?. We can always trust Christians to remind us what double standards are.

At 19/12/09 6:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Church out of control and a church to stay away from. God only an idea? Why are they there then?

At 19/12/09 9:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You rightly defend the religious dress of a Sikh, but then go on to heap abuse on Christians.

Should not all faiths be afforded equal respect?

At 20/12/09 12:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really is Jennifer Anniston, isn't it?

At 20/12/09 5:03 pm, Anonymous Dan said...

I'm non-religious & agnostic but am all for a war between Catholics & Protestants. We need retribution for 700 years of inquisition. It will not end until we take out the Vatican. Death to the Roman Church!

At 21/12/09 9:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are Christians so upset about this billboard?
When Mary became pregnant with Jesus, an angel appeared from heaven to tell her about it! Compared to that, sex wouldn't be as great, I'm sure.
The Bible itself says that Joseph and Mary had sex, Jesus had brothers and sisters, so there's no problem with the Virgin Mary being accused of having carnal knowledge of her husband.
Maybe Christians just like to get angry rather than actually think about things?


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