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Monday, December 21, 2009

Maggie, where’s the evidence?

Read this…
Manukau District Court: Law and disorder
…interesting isn’t it, not a system being rorted by the lawyers, it sounds like a public system that has been underfunded and run down just when Simon Powers needs to ram more and more people through it to deal with high unemployment (better to have em in a private prison corporate gulag than running amok in an under-employed society)

Does it concern anyone else that we are about to throw the entire independence of the legal aid service out the window based on gossip and hearsay? There’s no actual evidence in Margaret Bazely’s report that lawyers are ripping off legal aid, yet Simon Power couldn’t move fast enough to swallow legal aid up into the Ministry of Justice so that it is ultimately the Government who decides to fund your legal aid or not. Funny isn’t it, the last report by Bazely where she investigated Police sexual misconduct hasn’t been fully implemented and that’s years old, yet the ink on this report is barely dry and Simon’s talking immediate implementation.

Only Scott Watson can be convicted on evidence as circumstantial as this,

It's odd isn't it, for a country of sheep that jumped up and down about the talkhate radio myth of the 'Nanny State' forcing their way into peoples houses to make us use power saving lightbulbs and water saving shower heads, not a whisper from these same people over the Government taking away the independence of something as fundamental to a democratic system as the funding for your legal defense if you can't pay for legal services.

Energy saving laight bulbs and water saving shower heads - NEVER!

Decimation of independent legal aid based on no evidence whatsoever - Baaaaaa!

We are sheep, we deserve what we get.


At 21/12/09 8:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politicians have long been trashing the judiciary but this crowd have it down to a fine art.
I always thought interpreting points of law and any adjudicating were supposedly in the domain of the legal profession and judiciary independent of the executive.
Little by little though we see Ministers of the Crown anxious to bypass what should be judcial decisions. Most obvious is with immigration law (and what a bugger's muddle they make of that).
As we tend more and more towards facism, it seems the public will only wake when they become personally affected. (And yes to the question you - Tim - pose later - many people DO think it will be that obvious.
Politicians are often a little thick though, not stopping to think of the longer term consequences. When people do finally wake, and realise things have occurred by stealth, incrementally and by the dishonest whims of the politician, the Public becomes very bloody angry. In other parts of the world and throughout history, politicians have been lynched. What makes people think we'll be any different?


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