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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shameful day for Maori Party Emissions Trading Scam

'Sellout' claims over Maori ETS deal
The Maori Party is being accused of "selling out" Maori families after a deal over the Government's climate change law that delivers concessions to big iwi. In exchange for the party's support, the Government will make conservation land available to some iwi to plant trees for carbon credits, but says public access is guaranteed. There is also more money to insulate low-income households.

Shame on the Maori Party, shame. Helping to pass an emissions trading scam that will give over an eye watering $100 billion to corporate big polluters until 2050, or when the Arctic Sea is predicted to be ice free.

John Key passed this Emissions trading scam with a little help from his friends the Maori Party, who agreed to sell out NZs aspirations to do something meaningful on climate change because they were able to get $50 million for their corporate Maori mates in a deal that helps less than 1% of the population.

Isn’t that whacky, Hone Harawira is now helping the white mofos rape and pillage the land.


At 24/11/09 2:25 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This scam must stop now. Climategate bomber? Its all fraud, its all a lie...

At 24/11/09 2:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's face it... the day the Maori Party redeems itself will be the day Turia gets over her bitch fight with Helen Clark and Pita stops trying to his best not to offend her.
Turia's judgement will always be clouded by some little bitch spat she has with Helen and Pita looks increasingly like he's playing second fiddle to Queen T.
Shame they haven't yet taken a few steps backwards and stopped to think very deeply about their association with the National Party.
Give it ten years nd we'll be hearing how they were oh so betrayed!.
Wake the fuck up - it isn't that hard.
Think of it in ideological terms.... think of it in terms of ideas....think of it in pragmatic terms. Long term it's going to lead to heartache. Oh Dear how sad - too fucking bad.
Shame about Pita though. He seemed like he had a few good intentions.
So did Hone - even in spite of his mutha.

At 24/11/09 5:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Think of it in ideological terms.... think of it in terms of ideas...."

That your problem, thiinking of it in ideological terms left-right class warefare type of analysis where there is no place for ethnicity to play a part. I can see it from the Maori party perspective that it's better to build up their economic base rahter than be reliant on pakeha institutions.

I'm tim is far more cognisant of this than Bomber will ever be.

At 24/11/09 10:53 pm, Blogger Ana said...

Maori neoliberal planet fuckers, who would have thought. Shame on the Maori Party shitting all over our Pacific cousins right to exist, who are the in the front line of climate change in our region. So much for our obligations as Tangata Whenua to care & defend papatuanuku for future generations. Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples don’t give a shit about the majority of Maori, Maori workers who have to pay part of the $155 billion subsidy for businesses to keep on polluting.

Once again the Maori party demonstrate they are only there to serve the interests of the Maori elite & no one else.
The ETS runs contrary to the Declaration of the rights of Indigenous peoples & is out of step with the majority of Indigenous & 'third world' opinion on false solutions to climate change that NZ ETS typyfies.

"This multibillion-dollar pollution trading mechanism privatizes the air and commodifies the atmosphere. The International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change opposes the carbon market. “We cannot condone activities that defile the sacredness of Mother Earth…Carbon trade induced conflicts…endanger our survival…”

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ GUIDE “False Solutions To Climate Change”



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