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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jetstar crash and burn again

Jetstar wheelchair policy angers Paralympian
The Human Rights Commission will be asked to look into the wheelchair policy of Jetstar after Australian Paralympian Kurt Fearnley slammed the airline for making him check his personal chair in with his luggage. Fearnley, a wheelchair marathon champion, says he chose to crawl through Brisbane Airport rather than use an unsuitable chair offered by the airline.

Oh. My. God. He dragged himself through the airport in disgust. This in the wake of Jetstar complaining that Air NZ was smearing them by pointing out Jetstars appalling service failures. Personally I felt that blaming Air NZ for their self inflicted media cock up just added ‘whiny’ to a long list of words to describe their poorly serviced budget truck-to–the-abattoir-is-more-comfortable-than-you-are airline.

Having the dignity of a paralympian denigrated in this manner formally makes Jetstar the by-word in customer service public relation jokes untill they are bought out, the name changed and logos burnt. The Jetstar name is now that bad.


At 24/11/09 1:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've actually had an experience with them that raised questions in my mind over safety after experiencing a somewhat "interesting" landing onboard a Jetstar Pacific aircraft (their Vietnamese operation). Didn't make me feel any better to see a number of groundcrew having a good hard look at the undercarriage afterwards.

At 24/11/09 5:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, open your eyes people and get a good grip and see how they REALLY are.
Toilets filthy! Actually, really filthy, like shit on the seat filthy. I complained about it during flight and they told me to clean it myself if I was wanting to go so bad or sit down and be quiet.

I won't be traveling on them again. I'd rather go by fucken boat!

At 25/11/09 7:21 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no interest in defending Jetstar but I know for a fact that Air NZ formed a special group of marketing, media and government liaison staff dedicated to attacking the Jetstar brand.

I don't doubt Jetstar would have done the same in return if they had the same connections as Air NZ.

It's all in the game.

At 25/11/09 8:51 am, Blogger Paul said...

Holy one-sided story batman. Why was the chair unsuitable? And why did they need him to use their chair rather than his own?

At 25/11/09 7:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another blunder for jetstar


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