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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Congratulations TVNZ7

Well done TVNZ7 for an amazing show last night. After such an inglorious start with the Bill English promo farce, Beyond The Recession was brilliant and intelligent television, congratulations to Corin Dann who hosted this brilliantly and allowed so many informed voices discuss the challenges facing the NZ economy.

Housing, capital gains tax, the reality of a w recession, all were thoughtfully discussed like adults and it was fascinating.

Don Braid of Mainfreight had some really good ideas, John Whitehead from Treasury had some interesting things to say on property tax. Geoff Ross and Pauline Kingi from TPK were highlights as was Helen Kelly from the CTU. Robert Reid from NDU was fired up about the dollar. Interestingly it was the Banker David Green from ANZ who was the most nervous (what does he know that he wasn’t saying?). Poor Anna Stretton came across like she would eat her first born.

It was so refreshing to see adults discussing important issues of the day. As things get much worse economically, we will need to have many more of these debates.

It was public broadcasting at it’s best, well done TVNZ7.


At 24/11/09 9:38 am, Blogger Will de Cleene said...

Pity the vid is not available on the web yet.

At 24/11/09 11:45 am, Blogger kate said...

It was really refreshing, wasn't it? To have important things discussed in a public and accessible way. I thought Mark Brighouse from Brook asset management came across well; as did the vice-chancellor of auckland uni.

At 24/11/09 7:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber, could you explain a 'W recession'?


At 25/11/09 7:07 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Sorry Jono - the 'W recession' is shaped like a W, so we have the initial drop in the economy, it staggers up a little, and then collapses again, so it looks like a W. I and many others have been arguing for some time that capitalism faces a genuine crises of legitimacy, that the free market deregulation dogma that allowed these banks to create financial weapons of mass destruction, (so complex even Greenspan couldn't understand them), HAS to 'correct' violently in the same way as the post 1929 stock market collapse. It wasn't until 1934 that the height of unemployment and economic collapse was felt, likewise we are only a year past our stock market collapse and the unemployment will drag us into a W recession.

At 26/11/09 12:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers ma man, got it. The nasty W recession. Brown times ahead for unbridled capatilism.



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