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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

6 - 7 metres: Yeah — I know.

67 metres!?
67 metres!? That sounds unbelievable. Why would you believe something from Ian Wishart about what Al Gore supposedly said when it is so unbelievable?
6 - 7 metres. And he still has the temerity to say Al Gore has it all wrong when he has got it wrong by several hundred percent in reporting the facts. We know this routine:

Yeah —We know this routine so well:Yeah —Well that hasn't stopped his mates at ipredict somehow having their gambling legalised on exactly these sorts of events, so that already exists as a possibility despite inferring that it doesn't.

Yeah —


At 3/11/09 1:52 am, Anonymous Chris said...

I did laff at the DIA comment though. ;)

Ian Wishart provided a bollocks-up backtracking somewhere in the comments. Something like, oh yeah, we knew it was the result of a typo, but we decided to spread it around anyway, and anyway, it just shows up your lack of sense of humour! You don't laugh enough!

What the fuck. I hate climate change arguments. More accurately, I hate dipshits like Wishart walking around like they've got PhDs when all they've got is a big mouth, an angle, and in Wishart's case a copy of the Bible and a wrongly held sense of righteous indignation.

At 3/11/09 7:05 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

jeez tim your pictures are wicked cruel, but then I suppose there's no point in fucking around


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