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Friday, October 30, 2009



The right wing apologists are in full voice on talkhate radio over the despicable move by the Police to forcibly remove your DNA based on mere arrest and in 2 years, based on mere fucking suspicion. The claim is if you have nothing to hide, you have no problems, this inane and stupid argument is made by people with little in the way of intellect.

Here is the list of offencses that now allows the Police the excuse to remove by force your DNA…

List of offences which replaces "indictable offence" in previous version;
Part 3
Offences Provision of Act
Animal Welfare Act 1999
Wilful ill-treatment of animals ... Read more
section 28
Arms Act 1983
Carrying or possession of firearms, airguns, pistols, restricted weapons, or explosives, except for lawful, proper, and sufficient purpose
section 45
Unlawful possession of pistol or restricted weapon section 50
Unlawful carriage or possession in public place of firearm, airgun, pistol, ammunition, explosive, or restricted weapon
section 54(2)
Carrying firearm, airgun, pistol, imitation firearm, restricted weapon, ammunition, or explosive with criminal intent section 55
Crimes Act 1961
Indecent act in public place
section 125
Indecent act with intent to insult or offend
section 126
Aggravated assault
section 192
Assault with intent to injure
section 193
Male assaults female
section 194(b)
Cruelty to a child
section 195
section 197
Possession of offensive weapons or disabling substances
section 202A
Assault with weapon
section 202C
Receiving (if the value of the property does not exceed $1,000)
section 246
Threatening acts
section 308
Land Transport Act 1998
Contravention of section 7 or section 22
involving injury or death
section 36
Person in charge of motor vehicle causing injury or death
section 61
Summary Offences Act 1981
Peeping or peering into dwellinghouse

See how these new expansion of what the Police can take your DNA for is so much wider than has been pretended?

If you are convicted of a serious crime, you should be forced to hand over your DNA, but to hand over your DNA on mere arrest, ON MERE SUSPICION?

You can take my DNA from my dead cold hands John Key. I will refuse to hand over my DNA, and I urge all NZers to point blank refuse to hand over their DNA. Make the pricks take it by force and then complain to the UN because this is a breach of our human rights, even National’s own Attorney General told them that.

The Maori party pointed it out yesterday…

Young men 'will fight back' against police, says Maori party

..and we should all adopt that approach.

Remember – this ill thought out bullshit was rammed through with zero oversight and zero public scrutiny, thanks to National abusing Parliamentary process again.

If you plant the seeds of a Police State, don’t be surprised when it starts growing. You have been conned and easily led once again.


At 30/10/09 9:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get arrested on one of the proscribed charges and as a protect of civil disobedience refuse to give a sample. The only way to bring the issue to people's attention however is to be held in police custody - indefinately.

At 30/10/09 1:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"..and we should all adopt that approach."

Why? Having a greater pool of sample will lead to more sounder convictions and the guilty rather than the innocent.


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