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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Young men 'will fight back' against police, says Maori party
The Maori Party is warning young Maori will fight back against police trying to take a DNA swab. Parliament yesterday passed the Criminal Investigations (Bodily Samples) Amendment Bill, which will enable police to take samples from people charged with a range of serious offences, wider than the present category. From 2011, they will be allowed to take DNA samples from anyone they intend charging with an imprisonable offence. Consent will not be needed, and samples will be able to be taken without judicial approval. But Maori Party MP Rahui Katene warned of the potential for trouble with young Maori men. "They already distrust the police and (if) the police want to take a swab, they're not going to know what is going on at all," she told Radio New Zealand. "So they are, of course, going to fight back."

I will NOT hand over my DNA to any Police Officer on merely being arrested and I urge ALL NZers to refuse to comply with DNA testing as an act of outright civil disobedience.

Fuck em.

I would also suggest that any NZer refuse to give their blood for these draconian new drug driving powers they are implementing. Remember, the subjective test the cops uses on the side of the road with you is exactly that, subjective. The bloody cop gets to decide if you pass or not, and based on their bullshit subjective decision, they get to decide to take your blood from you. Remember any THC will turn up in that blood sample, you may have smoked a joint last week, it will still turn up, you may have been around a smoker and inhaled, it’ll still turn up. These tests can’t test impairment because there is no threshold for impairment.

This is an outrageous misuse of Police power that has been rammed through under a misuse of parliamentary process and as citizens we should refuse outright to play along. I have no problem with the State taking my DNA if I am convicted of a serious crime, no problem with that at all. But to take my DNA based on a mere arrest, and remember folks that changes in 2 years to taking your DNA on mere suspicion is an abuse of Police power in a democracy.

What a sad, dark day for NZ.

We CAN NOT give the Police unchecked powers that are rammed through without any debate, it is a sad, sad day for our Democracy.

My recommendation – refuse to give your DNA or blood as per the rights granted under the UN, force them to take the sample by force and then immediately contact the media (or us here at Tumeke) and lodge a complaint with the UN. If we all did it, it would blunt this move towards a Police State.

You can either let them win NZ, or you can fight them. How National Party supporters who voted against the ‘Nanny State’ can look themselves in the eye after these unnecessary, rushed through laws that allow for no Judicial oversight whatsoeve bewilders me.

Why the laws are outrageous:
Taking your DNA off you by force for mere arrest AND this gets expanded to mere suspicion in two years with zero judicial oversight breaches UN conventions on human rights which the Attorney General himself pointed out.

Taking your blood based on the subjective tests the cop uses is deeply flawed. Remember because there is no impairment limit, a joint you smoked a week ago will still turn up in these tests.

People who say, "If you're innocent you have nothing to fear by handing over your DNA' are morons and it is these types of quislings who would roll over to let the Police have all the power they want. Go tell David Dougherty who had his DNA misused by the Police to frame him for a rape he didn't commit that he should hand his DNA over because he was innocent and he had nothing to hide.


At 29/10/09 8:45 am, Anonymous jack said...

What nut would volunteer to give their DNA to one of the most dishonest crowds in the country?

At 29/10/09 1:15 pm, Blogger Chris said...

Here's another argument for you that should really get the right out of their police state reverie. It costs a fucking fortune. The cost per match (not conviction) in the UK can be up to £13,000 and the cost per sample taken, analysed and stored up to £3,000 (multiply by 6,000,000, the number of people on the database in the UK).

...fuck me, nanny state to police state. Well, as someone said yesterday, I'd rather have the government on the street telling me what I should do than the police in my house telling me what I shouldn't be doing...

...the British have the largest DNA database in the world. There are nearly 6m people on it, including people under the age of 18, 1/3 of the black population of the UK and 77% of young black men age 18-35, even though this group is statistically less likely to commit crimes than the same group of white men (hence Turei's complaint it was racist). Only a small proportion of those people have been convicted of a crime.

The rate of conviction for those people accused of a serious crime is 5% of the 0.35% of crime scenes (including on the person) that contained an adequate DNA sample that resulted in a conviction. That means that for all crime scenes, the DNA database has resulted in a 0.018% conviction rate for serious crime. However, none of these serious crimes solved have been from a person who had no prior convictions. The idea that random arrest samples can solve cold case files is nonsense too - for all the cold case files that have been solved using DNA evidence, each one has been from persistent recidivists whose DNA would have been on the database regardless.

You know the most amazing thing about this National government? They're SO ideologically focused that they keep making mistakes that have been made in other parts of the world while they've been out of power. It's like not one single one of them has bothered to look outside of their own world in opposition.

At 29/10/09 3:52 pm, Blogger Fantail said...

Democracy lies in the rule of law. Democracy lies in that grey inch where a cop might go, "yeah, you probably have a joint in the car... maybe I can smell something... but I've got no legal reason to check."
Cross that line, and you have police going into houses, taking blood, making arrests JUST IN CASE.

Cross that line, and you have no democracy.

And it'll affect everyone, eventually - if not today for the "I have nothing to fear" crowd, it'll be their friends, or family, or grandchildren.

This government is perfect example of how giving even a little power gets out of control.


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