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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A salute to Sue Bradford!

A salute to departing Green Party MP, Sue Bradford. A true kiwi hero who has fought tirelessly for those less fortunate and who has achieved more as a backbencher than any other backbencher in NZ political history and all the while having to deal with an ugly talkhate radio redneck NZ who sneered at her working class accent and judged her on the most petty of standards.

As the woman brave enough to stand up for the rights of children from getting assaulted by parents, she has had to deal with death threats against her and her family. Her standing down leaves the Greens bleached mainstream, more a weak lime than a militant green.

A great Rimu tree has fallen in the forest. Her loss for the left will be deeply felt.

Kia Kaha Sue!


At 29/10/09 7:58 am, Anonymous toad said...

Nice words bomber, but please don't talk about her as though she's dead.

Her valedictory speech makes it very clear that she's continuing in the struggle from outside Parliament, not walking away from it.

At 29/10/09 8:03 am, Anonymous Peter Malcouronne said...

"A great rimu has fallen"... you really need some new coniferous metaphors, M. Boom. Can I suggest "a mighty matai"? "A colossal kauri"? "A towering totara"?

Oh, and if anything happens to me, I expect you to eulogise "this mediocre manuka... this little lancewood".

At 29/10/09 8:26 am, Blogger Bomber said...

She's not dead Toad? Didn't the Greens kill off the left wing in their drive to appeal to soccer mums? Sue certainly thinks the Greens have become a light mainstream lime rather than a militant dark green in their drive for a cuddle with John Key.

Luckily for the Greens Labour is so much worse with their voting alongside these new DNA powers that progressive voters don't really have much choice.

At 29/10/09 12:45 pm, Anonymous kerry said...

While the greens have Russell Norman as Co-leader they will never get my vote....to much of a cold fish......like donkey.

At 31/10/09 5:43 pm, Blogger Joseph said...

Sue was marching with us for a Living Wage on the streets last night in her last hours of being a Green MP.



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