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Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Year under National

While the msm blows National's trumpet for their one year long daddy state rampage, more critical minds may wish to consider what National have gotten away with so far and imagine what they may try on post 2011.

-Vast erosions of your civil liberties with the Police, The Pork Industry, The Meat Board, and bloody Dog Control Officers with the power to break into your home and spy on us WITHOUT a warrant!
-Privatize ACC pretending there is a crises
-Abusing sexual abuse victims by forcing them to be diagnosed as mentally ill before they can get access to counselling
-recreating class stratification with sirs and dames on top and dirty bennies on the bottom.
-Planning to mine in conservation land and watch those ‘billions’ being sucked away to overseas trans national mining companies leaving us with crumbs as payment.
-bennie bashing anytime the media needs a distraction
-holding ‘consultation’ on Climate Change when they already had made up their mind.
-Holding ‘consultation’ meetings for Maori seats on the Auckland Super City when they already had made up their mind.
-subsidizing their big polluter mates by 55% up until 2050, the ice caps will melt before National stop protecting their big polluter mates
-a weak emission target that doesn’t do a bloody thing
-allowing the Dairy industry to set the new water standards for the country (seeing as they are one of the biggest polluters this is a joke)
-opening the country up for more foreign ownership
-privatizing NZ citizenship to millionaires (wonder which party they will vote for)
-taking the independence away from the Overseas Aid agency so McCully can make a buck out of it
-Sending NZ back to war in Afghanistan
-throwing the privacy laws and cabinet manual out the window to attack beneficiaries who complain about cut backs in training allowances.
-gutting the Adult Education programmes by a staggering 80% which will lead to massive community isolation.
-giving the private education industry $35 million while public schools suffer
-Annexing Auckland with a misuse of urgency and Rodney gets to appoint his mates to run the city.
-Denying Maori representation on Auckland Super City
-Government Departments no longer responsible for their carbon footprint
-canning physical activity programmes for children
-taking sports money off poor schools to give to rich schools
-live sheep exports
-Privatization of prisons EVEN THOUGH the head of Private Prisons from GEO told us at a select committee that private prisons WON’T be cheaper!
-creation of rape pen shipping container prison cells
-Giving the Police power to take your DNA based on mere arrest of a crime with no judicial oversight.
-Giving Police massive new unchecked powers and wiping out evidential thresholds to seize your assets
-a 9day fortnight that actually ends up costing workers
-preparing TVNZ for privatization
-10% employment cuts in the public sector when caps were promised as opposed to (knee)caps.
-dismantling pay equity for 46% of the working population because to National women don't matter as much as slashing wage costs
-90 day right to sack in an unemployment environment that ranges from 7% to 14%
-Borrowing for the Tax cut that favoured the rich
-Junk food back into schools
-The molestation of the select committee process with a misuse of urgency that you would need to go back to 1998 to find a comparison.
-Truancy fines raised to $3000
-$35 million on military boot camps that don’t work but make middle class voters feel smug (this amount has increased btw)
-Gutting the RMA pretending it’s cutting red tape when really it’s burning Green tape
-Dismantling the ETS and holding a right wing inquisition into the ‘science’ of global warming
-Medieval law and order policy pushed through by a right wing homophobic drunk who now wants to meddle with the NZ Bill of Rights so his $30 billion 3 strikes and you’re locked up forever raw meat law can pass


At 31/10/09 8:36 am, Anonymous anfield1973 said...

The systematic and URGENT roll back of ALL the positive social and community based policys of Helen's 9 years. WOW, only took one year, but then they did promise change.

10 years ago the threat was Y2K. Now its a manufactured ACC crisis. This when the number of workplace accidents is actually decreasing.

At 31/10/09 2:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


It must burn that the nat's are even more popular given their slowly unfolding secret right agenda.

Given that Labour have been banging on about it has it ever ocurred to you that kiwi's may actually support these policies and it's a minority like you Bomber (and the 30% who support Labour) that are against them?

At 31/10/09 6:10 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Again Anon, the point I have made several times about Polls is the methodology. What is the margin of error? What is the call back rate? How many were called on cell phone? What is the weighting? Polls are easy to manipulate and the point Armstrong makes is the polls are more a reflection of positive feelings about Key rather than National's policies. And those policies are the issue brave anonymous poster. Regardless of the numbers, policy is the debate and this is all bad policy rammed through under urgency.

If you are taking your smug pleasure based purely from the tyranny of the majority regardless of what your party passes and how they pass it, well then that says a lot more about you anonymous poster than it does about me.

At 31/10/09 8:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a smugness borne of three terms in opposition so it is a rightious smugness.

Even at the standard they acknowldge the results and given by recent posts are trying to understand WHY.

More productive than calling us moronic sheep.

At 31/10/09 11:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of the bad stuff National is doing, Labour supports.

If Labour weren’t such a weak opposition, Nats wouldn’t poll nearly as good.

At 1/11/09 9:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And your point is ???

At 2/11/09 1:52 pm, Blogger Roger said...

the msm is helping Nationals cause. The Weekend Herald said advertised a review of the government's first year in the first 3 pages of the business section. I went there to have a look only to find two pages about what a great guy John Key is, one page of interviews with coalition partners on what its like being a coalition partner, and only one small column from Brian Fallow suggesting that the so called economic recovery has been caused by factors other than the government. There wasn't any review there. Nothing on policy or conduct. Nothing on the failed promises. Nothing on performance. The msm attacks Labour over false names in polling even when Gerry Brownlee refuses to attack on RNZ. IF the msm weren't propaganda outlets for National, then maybe polls would reflect reaction to the ineptness of this government.

At 2/11/09 11:43 pm, Blogger steve said...

well what do you expect from a bunch of bankers/liars/theives

At 31/8/10 1:35 pm, Blogger stephen said...

Have you done another one of these lists recently? Very interesting and valuable..


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