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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Human Rights breached late last night by National (but you can complain to the UN)

Review of ACC sex abuse compo
As parliament voted through the first stage of sweeping ACC cuts, the Government ordered a review of controversial new rules for sex abuse claims – on the day they took effect.

How do you feel this morning? Something amiss? An unsettling feeling that a right wing party has breached your human rights late at night while ramming legislation through Parliament that few have even had the chance to read? Because that’s what happened last night as you slept as once again this Government (to zero criticism from the msm) abused democratic Parliamentary process to ram through legislation straight into law.

First of all, let’s give Nick Smith a round of applause, (you’re getting a gold star from Murray McCully this week Nick) Operation ACC ‘manufacture a crises then privatize’ has been a screaming success. Even though Merryl Lynch were breathlessly telling the Australian Insurance Shark Industry that they would make a $200 million killing on Nationals privatization of ACC months before Cullens hole was detected, the crucifixion of ACC has gone swimmingly with National selling their decimation of the system as ‘choice’. Just as long as you don’t chose to be sexually assaulted that is.

Under National’s new slash and burn policy, that they rammed through last night under urgency, sexual abuse victims now have to go to a ACC emotion accountant to declare themselves mental before they can get counseling. Seeing as these ACC emotion accountants are there to do everything they can to deny the claim going through, it seems almost cruel that sexual abuse victims should be so badly treated by social policy.

When National weren’t re-abusing sexual assault survivors they were breaching our human rights by ramming through more draconian legislation to allow the Police to take your DNA WITHOUT JUDICIAL OVERSIGHT on mere arrest.

Chester Burrows should be ashamed of himself for defending this breach of our human rights, (come on Chester, you’re smarter than this dammit). The real performer on the night however was Charles Chauvel (who really does live up to the hype about him). He pointed out that UN conventions that we have signed prohibit the Police from seizing body samples without Judicial oversight AND pointed out that these UN treaties we’ve signed allows for an avenue of compliant if the Police do seize your DNA and don’t charge you with a crime or you’re found innocent. The Police have to not only get rid of the original DNA sample, they have to get rid of any record of it.

You can complain to the UN via the rights given us under these UN human rights treaties which is a massive relief. Thank God that even when the Government is abusing our human rights we are able to go to the UN to fight for them to be recognized.

What a sad day for Democracy, to not only have the legislation pass, but to have it passed in such an abusive manner and without a whimper from the whipped msm to criticize this bloody Government.

Couldn’t TVNZ get their mouth off National’s arse for two seconds to complain about this breach of human rights? Oh that’s right, they are too busy promoting a 25 second party political broadcast featuring unchallenged pap from the Finance Minister.

By the way, does it strike anyone else that Bill English’s sudden media prozak TVNZ7 political party broadcast is as bipolar as Nick Smith? This is the Finance Minister that was telling everyone last week that it will take 2 decades to gain back the economic losses of the last year and that there will be a near decade long pay freeze on public servants, yet here he is on TVNZ7s party political broadcast eliminating the negative and accentuating the positive. Has Bill English got into John Keys aspirationally optimistic happy medication? Because damn it folks, I want an ounce of whatever it is their smoking!


At 28/10/09 9:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You can complain to the UN via the rights given us under these UN human rights treaties which is a massive relief. Thank God that even when the Government is abusing our human rights we are able to go to the UN to fight for them to be recognized."

Go on then Bomber. Go try it. If the UN could actually do anything then they'd be helping the tens of thousands of tamils stuck in concentrations camps in Sri Lanka which you havn't posted on instead deciding that todays Breakfast show was more of an affront to your moral values.


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