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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Fat cats of crime bullshit (TVNZ gets it wrong again)

Police unit chasing crime profits will have hit list
A special police unit is being set up to seize criminal assets and it will have a hit list to work on. Police Minister Judith Collins and Police Commissioner Howard Broad announced the formation of the 22-member Assets Recovery Unit (ARU) today, saying it would hunt down and seize millions of dollars in profits from organised crime.

This issue again shows how braindead our media really are. Breakfast just screwed this issue up with their pointless interview that didn’t actually explain what is happening or the dangers of these new seizure powers, and this follows on from their report on the story yesterday on the 6pm news. Last night the reporter breathlessly explained that the Police had changed the goal posts, and then she cheerleaded this change. Unbelievable.

My question, why are NZers so stupid? Is it because we drink too much booze? Too much radiation from the Sun? Why is everyone cheering the removal of sacrosanct legal powers that protect the individual? Where the hell are the anonymous right wing on line mafia SCREAMING about the attacks on property rights?

Let me slowly explain for my fellow sheep what’s actually happening. The State when it faces off against an individual HAS to do so within certain powers, the evidential threshold for example is ‘BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT’ – let’s just say those 3 words again to force that point…




…everyone got that? These new sweeping unprecedented powers mean that the Police don’t need to meet beyond reasonable doubt any longer as an evidential threshold. NOW it’s only BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES that’s right, the full power of the State can be used against you on the same level as a citizen facing off against another citizen, this perversion of law refuses to recognize that the individual has to have protections around them so that the State can’t simply walk all over them, and lowering the evidential threshold to balance of probabilities does this.

I know what you are going to say NZ, here’s what you are going to say

“So fucking what you dirty filthy lefty bitch! It’s all aimed at da gangs, da gangs so who cares”.

And here is where the mainstream media have done such a poor job, because has anyone actually read the definition by the Police of who a gang is? Has anyone actually read the law that was rammed through without anyone reading it?

See the perception is that it’s all da gangs, da gangs when that is absolute bullshit. A gang, as defined by the bloody Police, and this is the definition that triggers all these new surveillance powers to allow the Cops to break into your home and plant spy cameras without a warrant AND triggers these new powers of asset seizure IS 3 PEOPLE!

That’s right folks, as defined by the Police ‘a gang’ is just 3 people, here’s the law

"As per the "Gangs and Organised Crime Bill 10-2 (2009)" dictates: Every person commits an offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years who participates in an organised criminal group—


“(a) knowing that 3 or more people share any 1 or more of the objectives (the particular objective or particular objectives) described in paragraphs (a) to (d) of subsection (2) (whether or not the person himself or herself shares the particular objective or particular objectives); and


“(b) either knowing that his or her conduct contributes, or being reckless as to whether his or her conduct may contribute, to the occurrence of any criminal activity; and


“(c) either knowing that the criminal activity contributes, or being reckless as to whether the criminal activity may contribute, to achieving the particular objective or particular objectives of the organised criminal group.”

IT’S NOT AIMED AT THE GANGS AT ALL YOU MORONS – it can just be 3 bloody people who know eachother. Under this law, Me and my co-bloggers planning a protest action could fall foul of this Police definition, you all think it’s just da gangs da gangs, but the law is MUCH broader in its definition.

We have just given the Police an enormous expansion of power without knowing what that involves and without any public discussion at all. So stupid are we as a country that we will blindly erode century long legal protections around the power of the State and the rights of the individual if it’s wrapped up as something to attack da gangs, da gangs.

Remember – this ill thought out bullshit was rammed through with zero oversight and zero public scrutiny, thanks to National abusing Parliamentary process again.

If you plant the seeds of a Police State, don’t be surprised when it starts growing. You have been conned and easily led once again.


At 30/10/09 9:28 am, Anonymous amelia said...

F#ckin right on man.. All these lovely laws they are constantly introducing and moving the goal posts for, do not serve the purpose of creating a society that is free with personal liberties, it creates a world fill of laws that control and monitor every single aspect of your life, creating law upon law that you don't even know exists until you break it..
And once again focusing on 'lower class' crimes, this will just lead to more and more offenders in our jails (rather than trying to reduce the prison populations) When it barely scratches the surface of what the white collar criminals have done to state of the local and global economy. The only people who should be in jail are rapists, murders, violent offenders and buisnessmen who screw people out of millions of dollars. It is a costly stupid sysyem yet again modelled on unsuccessful, costly, piece of shit american models of law enforcement, with National abusing the power it has by pushing all their agenda through without information or debates about it..
Personally i think they should just dicriminalise drugs, therefore destroying the black market, then you can regulate it, control it and take taxes from it to pay for health and educational purposes.. that'l make a big dent in 'gangs' pockets, or they could get legitimate jobs providing drugs for the government to sell..
Why the f#ck do you all want to be so controlled? And morons that WANT the police to have powers to take your DNA and seize your assets, just cos they dont like the cut of your jib..God forbid you should actually be found guilty first, Isnt that how the witch burnings went?! Why dont the people want to see it Bomber?!
God its frustrating.. morons

At 30/10/09 10:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where were you five years ago when Labour introduced this law?

Whine about abuse of urgency by all means but if Labour hadn't introduced this law back then, National wouldn't be in a position to ram it through now would they?

And where were your precious, oh-so-staunch Greens when Labour introduced this hmmm?

Oh, that's right, busy being stooges for Labour and doing what they were told. Just as well they concentrated on the REALLY important stuff like section 59 eh?

At 30/10/09 10:31 am, Blogger Bomber said...

That's just bullshit brave anonymous poster - I've been against this from day one, regardless of the party promoting it. Note dear readers how the brave anonymous poster doesn't even attempt to defend what National have passed, the manner in which National passed it or the points I make, the brave anonymous poster simply tries to blame me and the Greens for it happening?

Come on brave anonymous poster, you have to do better than this if you want to make apologies for this abuse of our rights.

At 30/10/09 11:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note dear readers how the brave anonymous poster doesn't even attempt to defend what National have passed, the manner in which National passed it

That's because I don't support it dork, the bit where I referred to National ramming it through (to use your vernacular) should have been a dead give away.

I don't blame you for allowing this to happen because nothing you rant about here make a blind bit of difference in the real world.

HOWEVER, your precious Green party WAS part of the coalition Government that this law was introduced under was it not? They could have walked away from the coalition if they had any principle but they were clearly happy being labours lapdogs and enjoying the baubles of office to make a stand.

- Brave anonymous poster

At 30/10/09 11:03 am, Anonymous Bob said...

Why are NZ'ers so stupid ? - let me count the ways . But lets start with : NO INTELLIGENT MAINSTREAM MEDIA .
They're fed a diet of shite , they're happy to be fed a diet of shite .
happy to be stupid
ignorance is bliss

I've stopped worrying about the morons now... fuck 'em !

At 30/10/09 9:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah ha! So Bomber is worried about the Police covertly spying on him in his home while he plans protests. Call it police 'Reality CCTV'.

We have seen the movie the Truman Show. Now get ready for the 'Bomber Show'. I for one hope the kinky bitches in the detective department don't go German and install a pee cam. That is reality CCTV no-one should wanna see.

(Oh yea and f**k off national right-hand-turn bluetoipia BS)

At 30/10/09 10:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was reading this and taking an intrest but then i saw a rerun of dancing with the stars and all the colours and movement made me forget about it. baaaaa

At 2/11/09 2:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

breathe loser. stop worrying. or you hiding something something??

At 2/11/09 6:18 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

breathe loser. stop worrying. or you hiding something something??
Oh you cocksmack, why couldn't you put your real name on this anon? Why, why, why - I want to mock you personally so badly!! Please can you put your name to this post? To suggest my anger and fury at what this Government has done or the points I've made regarding the fact that the definition by the fucking cops is only 3 people is your insinuation that I am a crime boss who has something to hide deserves contempt anon, you deserve contempt. You small minded gimp.


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