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Friday, October 30, 2009

Drug Driving Bullshit


Okay, here’s the drill, the Police will be able to take your blood by force to test you for drugs, here’s the problem.

1: The test is completely subjective, only the most naive police cheerleader or Greg O’Conner would pretend that the Police won’t abuse this subjective power. If you think I’m wrong, get up from your computer right now and do the heel toe, heel toe walk. You will be surprised by how hard that walk actually is, that’s one of the ;subjective tests’. When you are breathalyzed the machine makes an objective scientific decision on your impairment, but under this test some cop decides if you have passed or not. We all know it won’t be the rich white guy in his rich white car that will get asked to do the test, we all know who the bloody cops will be dragging out onto the street to fail this subjective bullshit drift net law.

2: Okay so you’ve failed this bullshit subjective test that the cop man decides if you pass or not, so what now? The Police can forcibly take your blood, so what happens then? Because there is no ‘impairment’ level for marijuana, and because THC can stay in your system for months, a joint you smoked last week will turn up in these tests, meaning you will fail the test EVEN THOUGH you are not under the influence of weed. This is not about impairment, this then becomes a tool to arrest people based on THC levels in their blood which could be days or weeks old. See how that doesn’t work? It’s about impairment right, not what’s in your system that’s not impairing your driving ability.

(here’s the come back, you’ll love it)

“But weed is illegal and you shouldn’t be smoking it anyway” – AHA! See it’s not about impairment, it’s about arresting people for having a joint out of sight of the state and getting punished for it. Just what our overcrowded prison nation needs, more people thrown in prison for smoking a joint and getting caught with THC in your system even if that THC hasn’t impaired your driving abilities which is the original excuse to take your blood in the first place.

Remember – this ill thought out bullshit was rammed through with zero oversight and zero public scrutiny, thanks to National abusing Parliamentary process again.

If you plant the seeds of a Police State, don’t be surprised when it starts growing. You have been conned and easily led once again.


At 30/10/09 6:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you think it is ok to use drugs and drive?

At 31/10/09 6:14 am, Blogger Bomber said...

No, no - I am not saying that at all

At 2/11/09 11:27 am, Anonymous bob said...

This drug testing law is BULLSHIT - I don't smoke weed - altho i used to ...big time...but most of my mates( in 40's and 50's ) DO smoke it - they all drive safely , they all drive slower than the average aggressive nz driver ...this is about DOLLARS and not about safety at all.

At 4/11/09 8:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So when the cops pull someone over and they have a drugs recorded against their name(you should all know if you name has been taken by the cops but never convicted for anything you are in their system), you will be asked to take the test, and of course you will fail, because you have a drug story against your name. This is a big waste of time perhaps the cops should try and get the rappists off the st, drugs stay in the system for a long period so they just want to charge ou with drug convictins it has nothing to do with road safty


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