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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tsunami Warning

UPDATE: 8.14AM - Quake now registered at 8.3

Large earthquake strikes near Samoa
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BREAKING NEWS: A magnitude 7.9 earthquake has just struck near Samoa and has triggered a region-wide tsunami warning.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii has warned a tsunami watch is in effect.

They said that if there is a tsunami it will reach New Zealand by 9.44am.


At 30/9/09 3:37 pm, Anonymous Lisa said...

I pray that there are no more deaths. I thought the contestants of the show Survivor were in Samoa, I hope they are all safe.

At 30/9/09 10:31 pm, Anonymous vibaku said...

Bless you and yours brother, we are south of you , calif central coast , and it seems the crisis here has past. We are all united at times like this.

At 1/10/09 6:35 am, Anonymous real estate agent in Vancouver BC said...

it is horrible tsunami is here again. I still remember the horror of the big disaster. I pray for people there too. jay

At 1/10/09 6:38 am, Anonymous Amy said...

That is terrible news, I hope they can get rescue to them quickly.


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