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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Da Gangs, Da Gangs

Housing NZ wins fight to evict gang families
Housing New Zealand's ability to get rid of troublesome tenants quickly has been strengthened after it won a second court battle to evict families with gang links. But the group of women who live in Farmer Cres in Pomare, the Hutt Valley, are still refusing to budge. In March, five women who have partners in the Mongrel Mob were the first in the country to be issued 90-day eviction notices after a woman moved out of her state house, saying she had been terrorised by gang members. Armed police later raided houses in the street, arresting more than 10 people. Three of the women in Farmer Cres had since lost their battle in the Tenancy Tribunal and yesterday they had a legal aid-funded appeal against eviction thrown out in Lower Hutt District Court. Two of the original group of five women have left the street. Chief executive Lesley McTurk said Housing NZ was taking a tougher stance on "severe antisocial behaviour" in order to protect the community. The eviction notices sidestepped the tribunal, where cases often failed because witnesses were too intimidated to testify. More than 28 eviction notices had been issued since March, many for antisocial behaviour.

How to deal with gang member tenants? No one likes ’em, bloody gypsies, they steal and rob chickens from the neighborhood and intimidate people so let’s move them into shipping containers. Now while many may agree with that statement, is this really the best solution? Where do they go? Where do they move if they can’t get a rental from Housing NZ? What’s the point of initializing a policy to throw all gang members out of Housing NZ properties, doesn’t that just alienate these people even further and the hell hole they are all forced to cram into sounds like the perfect conditions for a new social tumor.

Punishing the women and children for having gang member partners just seems so needlessly puritanical and the strategy behind it, to punish, looks like it will only make the situation for those families even more dangerous.

No one should live with intimidation, but no one should live with persecution either.


At 30/9/09 8:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one should live with intimidation, but no one should live with persecution either.

They wern't persecuted, they were prosecuted.

Lesson: You want to live in a community, don't shit on it.

Where do they live now?
Who cares, their problem.

Tell you what.
Why doesn't their whanau look after them.

Charity begins at home after all.

At 30/9/09 9:39 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Postscript: Why doesn't the Mongrel Mob help provide it's members with accomodation?

If it's just one big Whanau, and all about aroha, then surely a part of being in such a community means helping one another?

Angels, Hunters all have big regional HQ'S, why doesn't the Mob buy some land where they can have a Community House, with accomodation for it's members that currently find themselves between lodgings?

If the Mob doesn't care about it's members, why should any of us?

At 30/9/09 7:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to these horiarsed gangbangers. Axe them & cut all welfare payments to their bludger whanau. Wanna be in a gang? Suffer.

At 30/9/09 7:17 pm, Anonymous amelia said...

man, its the kids i worry about.. if you wana live in a gang with a boyfriend that treats you like crap thats one thing but the kids.. eek.. having been raised in a gang affiliated home its no place for the little ones.. and a gang owned community home isnt a solution.. how low must your self esteem be to think thats the best you can offer the next generation..

At 1/10/09 7:42 am, Blogger Cannalyzer said...

Let them stay at 'the pad'. Surely that is what it is for?
I don't give a shit where these rejects live.

You don't see the Angels or the Hunters terrorising their neighbourhoods.

At 1/10/09 10:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bottom feeders rejected by their povo neighbours! Change your ways losers- oh no that would be too much like taking responsibility...

At 1/10/09 1:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they bring it all on themselves. tough shit. go and hang yourselves and make this country a better place. then the kids may have a chance.

At 2/10/09 3:01 pm, Anonymous deano said...

Cry me a river.

At 2/10/09 10:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surely some of the profit from the mobs criminal enterprises could be put back into looking after their whanau, what's wrong with the big gun's at mob headquarters using the cash to buy housing and looking after their members...where does all the cash actually go to?

At 8/7/10 9:18 pm, Anonymous joe said...

Brother against brother, divide and conquer, be careful if the man can step on the weak using the law than the man will step on everyone using the law. "let the one with no sin throw the first stone".
"the one who shepards the weak through the vally of darkness shall be called truely rightous"
Stand tall brothers and punch the punch use the law to fight the law never show anger as the man sees weakness, solidarity causes the man to shiver with fear.


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