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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Queen's Wharf design winners

Slapping an embargo on something that they've postponed inexplicably for three days without any warning. Talk about a dodgy process - 5 AM means it's been jacked up for the Herald too. That's pretty cheeky.

I am not at all surprised - in the slightest degree whatsoever - to see Auckland's architectural nemesis (mentioned in earlier posts on this subject) wriggle into one of the three consortia vying to win the big contract. It's all so inevitable.As I said earlier:

The 5 designs to go forward are all very simple, very basic, very minimal and have a lot of very straight lines. All quite unremarkable and even more safe than I thought possible. It'll be functional - and they don't expect much more out of it than that. That's what they are asking - and that's what will be delivered - a barn for the rugga.



At 29/9/09 10:39 pm, Blogger Truth Seeker said...

So is it Cash for Cronies? That seems to be the critical criteria for any decsion made by this government: tax breaks for private trucking companies, knobbling trains in favour of NZBus....and so on.

At 30/9/09 1:38 pm, Blogger Huiroa said...

no celebration of Maori or Pacific either. First city of the pacific, largest Maori/Polynesian city in the the world my nono.

At 30/9/09 3:29 pm, Anonymous Georgie said...

No representation of Maori on the supercity council either Huiroa.

At 30/9/09 3:50 pm, Blogger Huiroa said...

no maori or PIs on the democratic judging panel either.


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