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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why are we paying for god schools?

We need more Govt cash for our schools, say Catholics
The head of Catholic education says integrated schools need more money from the Government, not less as advocated by a teachers' association. Brother Pat Lynch, chief executive of the Catholic Education Office, said state-integrated schools struggled to keep up with Government-imposed building standards and had been asking for $90 million since 2007. He said primary schools were required to increase their classroom capacity by 48 per cent in 1998 and secondary schools were required to increase theirs by 24 per cent in 2001. But because state-integrated schools were already trying to catch up to building codes imposed in the 1980s they have been in a constant state of "catch-up mode". Another $75 million was required to bring Catholic schools up to state building codes and $90 million was needed for all integrated schools, he said. Forcing parents to pay higher attendance dues was not an option for many schools, especially during the recession. The Post Primary Teachers Association believes state-integrated schools are already "unduly privileged" by anomalies in the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975.

Why the hell are we paying for these god schools and why aren’t the bloody parents paying for them through the extra fees rather than us the taxpayer bloody well subsidizing them? Look if these people want to run religious schools, they should ask God to pay for them, not us! I completely back the Post Primary Teachers Association and the Treasury in this, NO MORE TAXPAYER MONEY FOR GOD SCHOOLS! If they do take public cash THEY MUST also take the bloody public curriculum, no more ‘intelligent design’ bullshit in science class and sex education is a must thank you very much! How these schools manage to get away with this is astounding, they take our cash for indoctrination education! I’ve got no problem with private schools as long as you pay for them, but integrated schools that get public cash MUST take our curriculum as well.


At 27/8/09 6:10 pm, Blogger SeaJay said...

totally fuk satanspizza


this is my new favourite catholic picture of all for now


At 27/8/09 6:10 pm, Blogger SeaJay said...

totally fuk satanspizza


this is my new favourite catholic picture of all for now


At 27/8/09 7:02 pm, Anonymous kerry said...

fucken disgrace!!!!!

Like Private schools not one red penny of our taxes should be given to these "people"!!

Shitty right wing government!

At 27/8/09 7:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If all the religious schools suddenly decided to become public, then the burden that this would put on the taxpayer would be insurmountable. Religious schools are actually doing us a favour as tax payers.

At 27/8/09 8:03 pm, Anonymous MacDoctor said...

Perhaps a better question should be why all of us Christians are paying for the secular education of YOUR kids...

At 27/8/09 8:08 pm, Blogger rangi said...

All hail raptor jesus!

At 27/8/09 10:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

next the fkn morman's will expect us to pay for their school's too!

At 27/8/09 11:04 pm, Blogger libertyscott said...

Indeed, give them back the taxes they pay for state education of their kids, and let them pay full fees.

They pay taxes too, or is it ok for them to pay taxes for a service they don't use?

At 28/8/09 6:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no more ‘intelligent design’ bullshit in science class TED KENNEDY MADE THEM TEACH EVOLUTION IN SCHOOL

At 28/8/09 6:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Augustine's account of grace, elaborated in his late works, is the first extended philosophical exploration of supererogatory acts. Rejecting the "moral perfectionism" of some of his contemporaries, Augustine holds that there are some actions which are good to do but not wrong not to do. In the course of elaborating his view, Augustine articulates a number of ethical positions with accompanying metaphysical underpinnings. He holds that there are no questions of residual justice; that an individual agent can be fully responsible for a collective action; that in wrongdoing there is a separate harm to the victim apart from the wrongdoing itself; that every genuine act of will is really a resolve; and, notoriously, that cases of radical conversion (as Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus) are compatible with the freedom of the will.


At 28/8/09 8:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a Catholic, in fact I loathe the religion ... however my kids go to a Catholic school because my husband is Catholic and, more to the point, the school has the best education available for the children in our area. We pay reasonably high fees already (over $1200 a year) plus the 'donation'.


At 28/8/09 8:52 am, Anonymous kerry said...

There is a perfectly good state system which you pay taxes for....if you send your kids somewhere else You pay out of your own pocket!

And as for the crap argument "we pay taxes for public schools but send out kids somewhere else so should get a tax refund"!! Please!! Does this mean people who have no children should not pay any taxes at all then!!! Dorks!

At 28/8/09 8:54 am, Anonymous Kerry said...

I dont have children so I should get a massive tax refund!!!

We have a perfectly good state school system.....you send you kids to private thats your problem!!!

At 28/8/09 9:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Religious schools are dying, but dying hard. This is a muted version of the 'Rome on the Rates' battle of 100 years ago. No doubt Catholic schools still teach the doctrines of transsubstantiation, resurrection, and arianism...is this education or indoctrination?

At 28/8/09 9:49 am, Blogger Jeff said...

Most of these schools relieve the public system, if they didnt exist the public system would a) not be able to cope and b) be more expensive.

These religous schools are hardly exclusive, i.e. St Johns in Hamilton etc etc, and they provide the same education as every other school. Yeah they have a little bit of religous crap thrown in there (think one service a week) but they are still a school, and are not private being intergrated, and we need them.

Saying they should all become private schools would be a big mistake.

Perhaps a more informed debate rather than a knee jerk 'fuck god' reaction.

At 28/8/09 12:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There is a perfectly good state system which you pay taxes for...."

This comment is so ill informed it could only be peddled by someone with little knowledge of how bad schools actually are.
The academics demands in catholic schools are so much higher than state schools that many parents send their children there despite no being catholic.

At 28/8/09 1:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerry, if you'd read my post you would have noted I said the school had the best education for the kids IN OUR AREA. The other schools around have bad reputations, low ERO ratings and are known for their bad pass rates, violence and bullying. The 'perfectly good state system' doesn't run through every school.

So ... we do pay out of our own pocket, for the sake of our kids' education.

Not having any kids, I don't see how you can be so judgemental and pious.


At 29/8/09 10:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers Jeff, couldn't have said it better myself!

At 29/8/09 3:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

man what a witch hunt, I thought we lived in a free democratic society were a person was allowed to practice their own religon without persucusion. Bottom line is catholics play taxes like everyone else and choose to pay school fees ontop of that so that their children can have a catholic education. SO IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT THEY ACTUALLY PAY MORE. Catholics are no richer or poorer than any other normal member of society. The term God schools sounds like bigoted, prejudeced hate talk to me.


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