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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Starter for 10

Name that blogger.



At 25/8/09 1:46 pm, Anonymous Gosman said...

That looks suspiciously like one of Kiwiblogs postings. Could be wrong though.

At 25/8/09 1:49 pm, Anonymous Gosman said...

Indeed I believe I am correct as here is the particular thread:


At 25/8/09 1:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frequent use of 'm', beginning sentence with 'indeed', DPF?

At 25/8/09 8:31 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...


At 25/8/09 9:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed. (!) This is a big problem sometimes in the blogosphere.

To paraphrase Barry Colman: most political bloggers are dependent on the MSM to one degree or another.

Some, like the author of the post in question, appear to see nothing wrong with a blog post being 90% a verbatim copy-paste of an editorial or op-ed which supports their point of view - with 10% "indeed," "well put" or "can't argue with them there."

Some might call that lazy.

Of course it's valid for bloggers to use a news story or opinion piece as a starter - or basis - for original analysis. Some bloggers don't even quote the story at all, they just link to it.


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