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Friday, August 28, 2009

Hell will freeze over

Re: Today's anti-racism rally outside the Quay Street, Auckland branch of the corporation at 5:30pm:

Before:A pathetic PR puff piece - written by the Marketer of the Year/owner Callum Davies most likely as it trumpets the almighty brand rather than the product.


0800 costs them - but if you are on pre-pay do not call as it will cost you $1. The Telecom payphone will only let you select the nearest local branches, but that will cost them at least 25c a minute - and will cost you nothing.

So ring 0800 666 111 and enquire about the menu items, the ingredients, the source of them, the food miles, the cooking techniques, the kitchen's food hygiene rating, the parking, the specials, the payment methods... and do ask about the "brownies" you must ask about that and do tell them what you think - and then order somewhere else. The recorded introductory message instructs the caller to have "a hell of a night". Maybe it's time they had a similar experience.

Bon App├ętit.


At 28/8/09 8:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But it was funny!

At 29/8/09 12:47 pm, Anonymous Peter Malcouronne said...

Wasn't funny. And I say that as someone insensitive enough to occasionally laugh at 'racist' jokes.

The ad was lame. It was try-hard. It was desperately trying to be "edgy".

It made Tui ads look like genius satirical masterstrokes.


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