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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Privatization of citizenship (the continental shelf is next)

Rules eased for rich migrants
Rich immigrants are to face fewer hurdles under new rules that slash the amount they have to invest and relax the existing English language test. Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman said yesterday that the changes were designed to attract business people after a dropoff since 2005 "due to unrealistic investment expectations and English language requirements". Under a new "investor plus" category, immigrants who invested $10 million for three years would not be required to have business experience or speak English. Under the previous equivalent rules, they were required to invest $20m for four years and have four years' business experience, though they did not have to meet an English language standard. There will be no cap on the number who can qualify for residency in the $10m category.

On the heels of National’s plan to open the country up to be bought by more foreign corporations, John Key and his privatization mates are at it again - Privatizing citizenship . For only $3 million a year for 3 years, the elite of the planet can buy residency into NZ, shocked? You shouldn’t be, I think NZers are now ‘getting’ what National really stand for now – one rule for the rich and one rule for the poor. How completely unacceptable., how completely National.

How is that change feeling NZ? Watching National strip our country of assets for foriegn corporations and selling our citizenship to the rich - it's only been 8 months, loving that change yet? I'm betting if you voted Labour in 2005 and voted National in 2008 you'll be choking.


At 29/7/09 8:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This move could be looked at a number of ways ... one could be that, given the immigrants are not required to have any business experience, nor English language skills - is the cunning plan to strip them of their millions and hope they'll go away??


At 29/7/09 9:34 am, Blogger Jeff said...

I voted labour in 2008 and all I can say is god damn I am glad they didnt win. Whilst this doesnt thrill me if Labour would have had their way with many of their decisions this country would be going down the drain.

In terms of where my values lie having effectively a citzenship which can be purchased and allowing foreign investment isnt to hard for me to swallow, especially when I consider its going to help those who are looking for jobs etc.

The relaxation of the language component (either moderate knowledge of English or Te Reo (apologies if spealt wrong) is my primary objection.

At 29/7/09 10:19 am, Blogger Bomber said...

So selling citizenship fine? Bad english bad?

That's a joke Jeff.

At 30/7/09 9:59 am, Blogger Paul said...

One news didn't mention anything about the previous requirements, they made it sound like it was a wholly new thing. They also included a lovely spin-bite, something about only targeting a few people, never did they mention this 'no cap what-so-ever' business.

And people think I'm crazy when I tell them I don't own a TV.


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