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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Q+A – the audacity comes full circle.

I’m sorry, did my pretty little ears mislead me? There they are bitching about crime rates with the realization that we are locking up too many people, that 70% reoffend, that 56% aren’t eligible for rehabilitation, that the cost will skyrocket, that the prison environment itself will be detrimental etc etc etc – all the points that have been made a thousand bloody times on this blog – and there’s Paul, open mouthed claiming “what to do, what to do” – well Paul seeing as you’ve been a big time talkback host most of your life, you’ve led the if it bleeds it leads media crime campaign used to terrify NZers into an angry fury and when was the last time Paul challenged lock em up and throw away the key. That’s right it’s the medias fault for the climate of debate we live in where the sensible sentencing lynch mob is the only voice and the frightened angry citizens baying for public lynchings HAS NEVER BEEN TAKEN ON by the media – not once. The audacity of Paul Holmes knows no end.

When is TV3 putting a counter show to this crap?

Bomber’s Blog – the war on news starts Friday 9.15pm sky digital 89, Freeview 21 and Triangle.


At 28/6/09 2:24 pm, Anonymous D said...

Yes it was funny watching Paul ask what is to be done after discussing how the angry people now rule policy when it was pointed out to him by a female panalist that the media were the problem. He stopped yammering then didn't he?

At 28/6/09 4:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He spends a lifetime playing up to the hang em crowd and now doesn't like what it's wrought? Pity I missed the episode, but Q+A never seems worth getting up that early in the morning for.

At 29/6/09 9:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Bomber's Blog be posted/hosted anywhere on the Internet?


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