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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pro-smack poster boy wants to get into politics

'Not a test case, simply a child being punched'
A District Court judge and police say the prosecution of a man who insisted he had flicked his son's ear, only later to be convicted of punching the child in the face, was never a test case for child smacking laws.

My eyes are rolling, Jimmy Mason wants to ‘get into politics’ to ‘sort out’ the smacking issue. Couple of things here

1: The pro-smacking lobby need to get a better poster boy
2: Jimmy, stick to the music because punching your kid in the face and wanting a career in politics based on punching your kid in the face shows you still don’t seem to ‘get it’.
3: This wasn’t a ‘test case’ to be used to rally parents for pro-smacking, Jimmy punched his son in the face. End of story.

Look kids need discipline – CHRIST DO THEY NEED DISCIPLINE – but discipline comes in a thousand different ways not requiring you to kit your kid. All the examples the pro-smackers who want the legal right to belt their kids have come up with (Jimmy and the Dad who pushed his kid at a rugby game) have been Dad’s who have lost their temper with their kids and have lashed out. Well, don’t lash out, real bloody simple, but pro-smackers aren’t really defending these Dad’s ‘right’ to lash out, they want their God given right to discipline their kids a la spare the rod spoil the child. Problem for the pro-smackers is most NZers would recoil at religious doctrine being the deciding factor in physically hitting a child, hence the pro-smackers pretending this is about all parents to broaden the issue beyond their God bothering.


At 30/6/09 9:43 am, Anonymous sdm said...

He should be in Jail. Its that simple

At 30/6/09 10:06 am, Anonymous anfield1973 said...

Joe the Plumber?

How about Jimmy the Bash

At 30/6/09 1:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think it was him on checkpoint just after 5 yesterday, explaining how the womenfolk can't do good parenting, coz the parenting requires consistency and womens are mental for 1 week in every 4.

Peak wingnut.

At 30/6/09 2:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Make up your mind - you defend 'god' sometimes, have some guts and make a stand one way or the other - is 'god' true or is it all bollocks, stop getting a pain in your arse from sitting on the fence.

Let us know how you go if or when you have children (I hope you don't) or is that what women are for shagging, cooking, cleaning and looking after kids.

Spend a few weeks looking after kids on your own and then report back - maybe not, kids should not be used as an experiment.

I don't agree with hitting but I can understand how it happens, its easy to judge, parents need more hands on support, go visit the neighbours set up an after school groups or pre-school baby sitting help, get involved with real hands on helping instead of throwing stones.

Do you have any idea how lonely, depressed and unhappy a lot of parents (mostly mothers) are. Many parents (mothers) have virtually no real support (fathers can piss off up the pub) so invite real people in, get involved and help.

A real help would be to pick up some kids from school and look after them for a few hours to give their mother a break, take some kids on a picnic at the weekend, give a parent a morning off to rest or get a hair cut or go shopping, take some kids on a weekend camp, there are a million ways to make a difference to someone’s life and help children, but that takes genuine commitment and work, criticising and sitting on committees is great for the lazy and sanctimonious.

At 30/6/09 9:42 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

big deal a redneck parent, so what his kids need him,

At 30/6/09 10:37 pm, Anonymous bc said...

What's interesting here is the comments of Christchurch District Court Judge Michael Crosbie who said at the sentencing:

"It remains a case of an assault on a child, as it would have prior to the legislation being enacted"

So let's get this right. He would have been prosectued under the old law before the new anti-smacking legislation. Makes you wonder why all this time (money) and energy has gone into the new legislation.

At 1/7/09 10:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sick of pro spoil our kids fans ie Sue Bradfords friends with their over dramatic view of smacking children...let get it straight ...in the majority of instances smacking does not lead to abused kids ..

Sure some are but it wasnt becasue of smacking any one with an ounce of intelligance knows abused kids are as result of bigger social problems.

Take Nia Glassia her fate was doomed due to selfish selfcentered biological parents ie DAD and Mum who were more interested in their own well being than hers..ie leaving Nia care in the hands of an immature irresponsible 16yr old, whose own upbringing left alot to be desired.

Mason he's my hero he did NOT punch her that was a fabrication of a twsited PC bitch who instead of OFFERING help and assistance when he got into problems with his kids she ran to the police ..to me its her that should be changed for creating mischief instead of being a good citizen.

WE NEED dads like Mason who are prepared to put themselves out to spend time with their kids ...but I guess too many of Bradfords friends that is in the too hard basket as it mean putting YOUR KIDS your reponsiblities ahead of your own needs

Families need help and assitance not Bradfords stupid PC law VOTE NO in August


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