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Monday, June 29, 2009

New rules for dole needed

Economists: Ease rules on dole for couples
Two economists are calling for a fundamental rewrite of New Zealand's welfare system because of the numbers of people being made redundant who can't get the dole because their partners are still working. Dr Susan St John of Auckland University and Keith Rankin of Unitec say the system is based on "outmoded social concepts" such as assuming that everyone lives in single-income families where dad goes out to work and mum stays home with the children. On this basis, the unemployment benefit is clawed back by 70c for every dollar earned above $80 a week by either the main earner or their partner. This means anyone with a partner earning more than $534 a week cannot get even a partial benefit. In Australia, the dole is reduced by only 60c for every dollar of a partner's income above A$387.50 ($485) a week, so a partial benefit is available until the partner earns A$1069 ($1340) a week.

Ouch, these crazy old rules for the dole are inane, and it masks the real level of unemployment within society. The level of stress it also creates within that relationship relying on just one wage doesn’t bode well either, I didn’t realize the rules were so draconian, $534 a week isn’t enough to rule you out as needing help from unemployment. It’s rules like this that keep people desperate leading to worker exploitation, and with the unemployment rates only predicted to increase these issues on rates have to be fixed asap.


At 29/6/09 8:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that Paula Bennett?

I've seen that look before. Hydroponic Jack Hurrah I'd say!

At 29/6/09 1:40 pm, Blogger rangi said...

Lookin a bit blazed.there Paula!

At 29/6/09 7:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


good one rangi

At 30/6/09 10:12 am, Anonymous screwed glued and tattooed said...

This is exactly the position we are in and have been for the past 6years!
6 Years ago I was diagnosed with Cancer, and was forced to sell my company at a break even position that covered the bank overdraft which ended my income. Not only was there no compensation while I was being treated, once my treatment finished, because my Wife was working I was not entitled to a benefit because of the archaic rule. I remain unemployed though I have been fit to work for the past year, and we continue to live at half of our former income without any way to overcome this issue.
We literally have been forced to top up our mortgage 3 times over the past 6 years in order to maintain our meagher lifestyle, which puts us further and further in debt! Working for families has a cap on benefits at around $73K, her income is slightly above that so we don't qualify for ANY help from a system that we have paid taxes into all our lives - I certainly hope that this rule gets the changes it is aching for, I should say "we are aching for"!
I don't see any hope that it will occur though with National slashing and burning any public assistance, education funding, R&D funding, and racing to axe as many more benefits as they can to those who need a boost in a time of need.
I don't even want to get started here - King John and his team of no-talent, no policy - losers, I'm certain, won't bother coming to this party! In the meantime we'll just bide our time while we're forced to continue borrowing to ""Save for our future"

Save what - Coupons from the Grocery Shop?

At 30/6/09 2:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Working for families has a cap on benefits at around $73K, THATS RIDICULOUSLY HIGH.

At 1/7/09 8:46 am, Anonymous Scewed glued and tatooed said...

And what planet to you live on no-name?
Maybe if you're a single nimrod without a mortgage - that could be considered a higher income, but try providing food for 4, Local Council Rates, Insurance, Phone, Internet, Electricity, Petrol for 2 cars, School fees (donations), fees for multiple sports, music lessons X2, School Bus fee's, Regional Council Rates, dog and cat food - and see how far you get on a net $4000.00 a month! That's what $73K gets you from the top tax bracket! Notice there are no dinners, movies, or frills of anykind in that budget. You must eat from a Wheelie Bin behind KFC anonymous! - what's your real name - SDM, you're equally as clueless, or maybe you're John Key in disguise!
Where do you dredge these idiots up Bomber?


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