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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mate, you cut off her ears you psycho

Sophie Elliott killing: Weatherston 'calm, collected'
Clayton Robert Weatherston set about killing and disfiguring Sophie Elliott "in a calm and collected manner", the Crown said as it opened the murder case against him in the High Court at Christchurch today. Crown prosecutor Marie Grills said 33-year-old Weatherston took the knife with him when he visited 22-year-old Miss Elliott's Dunedin home on January 9, 2008. The knife was found broken and covered in blood after the attack in which Miss Elliott was stabbed or cut 216 times. A pair of scissors was also found bent and bloodstained in the room. Weatherston, Miss Elliott's former boyfriend and her lecturer at Otago University, today pleaded not guilty to her murder but said he was guilty of manslaughter when the charge was read to him on the first day of the three-week trial before Justice Judith Potter and a jury. The defence had signalled that there would be "a partial defence of provocation", Justice Potter told the jury.

PROVOCATION? Mate you stabbed her 216 times, sliced her ears off and mutilated her genitalia – what possible defense of provocation is this psycho going to try and use? His delusional arrogance and creepy flesh colored beard makes Clayton Robert Weatherston our new pin up boy for psychopaths. His smug “Not guilty to Murder, Guilty of Manslaughter” was jaw dropping in its audacity. I am waiting to see his face if he gets a guilty verdict to murder, provocation indeed. What an arsehole.


At 24/6/09 4:29 pm, Blogger rangi said...

Chopper would tell him to harden the fuck up!!

At 24/6/09 6:29 pm, Blogger Jeff said...

How can it be provocation when it was clearly premeditated - he took a knife with him.


Absolute fucker.

Makes me so fucking angry.

How the fuck can you do this to someone you supposedly "love".

At 24/6/09 6:50 pm, Anonymous coge said...

Let's just hope this Christchurch jury does the right thing.

At 24/6/09 7:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good post bomber. for once i whole heartedly agree with you. kapai!

At 24/6/09 7:51 pm, Anonymous aj said...

Could not agree more.

At 24/6/09 11:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The killer is not the AH, it is likely he is a very sick man, to expect a sick person to act like a healthy one is a bit silly.

The real AH is the lawyer(s) who will make a fortune for lying for him - how do some of these lawyers sleep.

Ask Charles Chauvel, he has ruined many a life and had get fun doing it, and it certainly hasn't done him any hard, he is loved and fêted in high places.

Sadly the real sociopaths and psychos never go to jail or the nut house, they get to run the country,

If NZ had any real brave and intelligent journalists Chauvel, and some of his cronies, (Freemason/Gay bar members) would have been exposed years ago - are you scared of him Bomber, you have good reason to be because if you challenge him he will ruin you, if would take a brave person to take him on and NZ is full of cowards.

Criminals are not the real problem lawyers are, and those ex-lawyers who are now MP’s, Ministers and Judges, how do these smirking liars do it. I have met many criminals and most have a conscience in there somewhere, most lawyers (the successful ones) have no conscience, read the description of a sociopath and you have the CV of Chauvel and many of his boy (and sadly girl) friends.

A few NZ doctors eventually got theirs, albeit after 20+ years of abusing women, surely someone can do something to expose a few of the true evil lawyers/criminals.

They know they are untouchable no wonder the smirk and sneer.

PS: The Gay Wellington boy mafia – just how did the film censor and his buddy get their jobs.

At 25/6/09 9:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Death Penalty

At 25/6/09 2:19 pm, Blogger snigie said...

Guy needs a bullet, rich soft white boy, getting in a tissy but takes it far to far.

At 25/6/09 2:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a weird relationship, she pursued him and then tried to overcome his issues with having a small cock and being impotent and then he claims provocation.

His lawyers an idiot, provocation requires a proportional response which is not manifest in 216 stab wounds with genital and face mutilation. Personally I would have gone for temporary insanity. If you're gonna go down it better to go down in a mental health facility than maximum security.

At 25/6/09 4:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once this white boys locked up he won't be worry about his penis size. Hope he know's whats coming .. Brings a tear to the eye.

At 25/6/09 4:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe this adversarial system is just bullshit - the defence will just bring up anything, regardless of how ridiculous to get their client off the hook. Just like the pumpkin case where the defence tried to besmirch the victim by claiming she was involved in some bizarre sex act - it seems anything goes.

This prick is a poster boy for capital punishment. In fact we should bring back hanging because that is the only way the relatives would ever be able to get true closure. Even reading about the case makes one's blood boil - imagine the feelings of the victims poor relatives.

A swift bullet or lethal injection would be a kindness for anthropoid garbage like this - maybe hand a machine pistol, or a knife to the male relatives and let them have their way with him for an hour or so.

We should definitely reintroduce capital punishment - but only for the most egregious, cold blooded, cases of murder (not your run-of-the-mill crimes of passion), and only where there is absolute certainty of guilt (maybe cases which do not rely heavily on circumstantial evidence).

At 25/6/09 6:25 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

We need to reduce costs on these obvious outcomes.
This case does not even outwit me,
and I say we should be merciful now, and just cut costs and shoot the person soon to be onvicted of murder
not because he is a man against a woman, but on a factual basis,

At 25/6/09 6:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lawyers get a new JAG and have lots of fun, everyone else loses.

Why/how did you let those pricks of lawyers get away with it. Lawyers ruin many more lives than criminals ever will, this is high profile case but every day hundreds are every day people are ruined, you think the criminal system is bad go have a look at the civil system - that goes under the radar no one cares about that, not sexy enough for bloggers or real journalists, they need blood and guts - slow death doesn't turn them on.

You get the goverments, judical system etc... you deserve perhaps.

So what are you going to do about these sociopath lawyers/judges/MPs ....... my guess is nothing, you will keep moaning but do nothing constuctive so things will go on getting worse.

At 25/6/09 7:07 pm, Anonymous Frankie said...

Evidently he is not any kind of a human being, lat alone one with any honour.
But if he had any sort of honour at all he would at least take responsibility for the horrific crime that he was WITNESSED committing, by his victim's Mother, for Christs sake.

Arrogant. Sickening. Subhuman.

It's pretty fucking low for his lawyer to permit/persuade him to plead manslaughter, but in the end it's his responsibility to acknowledge what he's done and try to make amends for that. Not that that seems very likely to happen.

At 26/6/09 9:04 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

His lawyer aint dumb, shes chosen a defence that won't work rather than an insanity plea which might see him back on the street to kill again in the not so distant future. Shes hoping for guilty of murder and preventive detention.


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