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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Key and English can’t agree on the eve of the Budget what the Budget is about

In one of those, “Oh come on you clowns, get your shit together’ moments, Key and English bewilderingly contradicted eachother as to what this budget was all about.

Key said it was to avoid a credit downgrade, when that was put to English, he contradicted Key and said it wasn’t. Now English didn’t know who had said it, so you can forgive him somewhat, but it does show the hopeless political mis-management within National on something as basic as ‘staying on message’ which were so embarrassingly revealed over the Rankin affair when their ‘staying on message’ lines were accidentally leaked to the media.

For English and Key to disagree with eachother over something as important as what this budget is all about won’t be Government ending, but it really does show that the two are not talking to eachother and that feeds the rumours over English’s intentions for leadership.

Self-inflicted and dumb - like so many of National’s mistakes recently, sharpen up lads, you’re running the country, it’s not cocktail night at the merchant bankers club.


At 28/5/09 9:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a shocker! Key want to continue to be the lap-dog of the 'international herd' even though he knows they can never be satisfied. key doesn't care about us or our country he is just looking out for his next job. Poor bill, he really is a nobody now - the way that key is treating him is embarrasing.

At 28/5/09 2:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do these 2 guys even know each other? you wouldnt think so they have such opposite views!

At 28/5/09 11:23 pm, Anonymous bc said...

Pretty minor stuff really really - talk about making a mountain out a molehill.
We have a budget that doesn't slash and burn which just shows what a load of rubbish Labour's pre-election scaremongaring of Key and National was. Despite these tough times no welfare has been cut.
Tax cuts have been suspended - do I like it? Of course not, but it was the most sensible thing to do. Not only has out credit rating NOT been downgraded but it has been improved. Really,what more does the "left" want?


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