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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Screwing kids at school

Dogs search school for drugs
Police drug dogs were used to search a New Plymouth school after three students were caught smoking cannabis. The year 9 Sacred Heart Girls' College students were in uniform when they were caught with the drugs last month, but it was out of school hours and off the school grounds. The girls were suspended from the school for seven days but have since returned with special conditions. Police used sniffer dogs to search the school on March 31, at the school's request. No drugs were found. The random search shocked many students at the Catholic school.

LMAO – it’s important as NZ slides towards becoming a privatized Police state to make sure everyone is acclimatized to the new realities, adults are easy in NZ to con into handing over their rights, just tell them it’s to combat da gangs and NZers will let Police sodimize them individually no questions asked. Note how adults are about to allow Police to break into your home and plant spy cameras to film you for up to 3 days without judicial oversight, and note how adults here are allowing Police to take your DNA off you based on pure suspicion, kids however are a bit trickier, they haven’t had the joy of life stamped out of them yet and seem to think they have ‘rights’, so it’s vital that that nonsense is crushed by mass police dog searchers at school. How ridiculous is this, 3 girls caught outside school hours but wearing uniforms means the entire fucking school has to be searched by drug dogs? What a bullshit and tiresome over-reaction.


At 14/4/09 2:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

but we love it bomber,otherwise wed do something about it. kiwis are an incredibly lazy people, its only when work HAS to be done that we are awesome. thats why we never prostest anything like geting your dna on file so that one day if a cop takes a fancy to your wife he LITTERALY can frame you for some rape or some other crime with the DNA YOU gave him! Lets no pretend the cops arnt just humans just like us.
We are a fucking lazy nation

At 14/4/09 4:43 pm, Anonymous Bosco said...

Nope better just take a hands off approach and let young kids take drugs, god forbid we dare intervene at a young age to stop them getting hooked.

Do you not think the school has the right to have its premises searched for illegal drugs, at the end of the day they have an obligation to parents to keep the premises drug free.

I'm guessing the above anon retard is either on drugs or taking the piss himself.

At 14/4/09 6:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

really then, i hear 85% of the population is hard against the anti smacking bill yet i dont see any giant protests, sue bradford still walks around happily without anyone getting even slightly miffed about her, nothing-complete joke.
i couldnt care less about the schools case, im making the point about what bomber said

At 16/4/09 10:48 pm, Blogger Evan said...

What an outrage, but I guess the Roman Catholic parents won't object to this heavy handed violation of their daughters' dignity. Discipline they will call it.

So there were some soft drugs being injested in the leisure time of the girls. Well back off school ma'ams!

I would not send a daughter to a Catholic school, or a private school. The state bureaucracy sucks, but there would be less likelihood of this affront to the dignity of these innocent young women.


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