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Monday, April 27, 2009

Has Salinger been sacked to gag climate change?

Jim Salinger: from praise to packing his bags
Sacked climate scientist Jim Salinger's employers praised him for being the public "face of Niwa" only 18 months ago. However, last week, Salinger was told by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa) to pack his bags, apparently for doing what he was congratulated for - talking to the media.

With a greenwash National/ACT Government in power, gutting the RMA pretending to cut red tape when it really burns green protections, burning the ETS and setting up a Climate Denial Select Committee to investigate the ‘science’ behind global warming shows a very clear swing away from regarding global warming as a real threat that demands urgent action to something National/ACT intend to drown quietly with rising sea levels.

Seeing as we have adopted Dick Cheney’s private prison system, the Halliburton method of privatizing and influencing the military and adopting education for army service, is National/ACT now adopting the Bush strategy to gag and censor Climate Change scientists?

BTW - does it concern anyone else in the wake of this move that NIWA just happen to be a half owner in a coal company? NIWA has interests in a company that is a major contributor to green house gases that create global warming and NIWA silence one of their most respected voices on global warming.


At 27/4/09 2:12 pm, Anonymous Gosman said...

For someone who is adament that Select Committees are vital for our Democratic health and well being you seem strangely reluctant to support them looking into the science of climate change.

Why is this Bomber?

At 27/4/09 4:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosman, just a passing observer here.

To the rest of the world is would be like a select committee into Evolution: TRUE or FALSE.

Its not a good look.

We would look stupid.

Oh dear.

At 28/4/09 9:58 am, Anonymous Gosman said...

Yet we have had select committee's look into the benefits of Alternative Medicines when the Science behind this is equally conclusive (This time against).

At 2/5/09 9:01 pm, Anonymous Bob said...

NIWA sold its shareholding in CRL Energy to Genesis last year.


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