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Friday, April 24, 2009

Greens put Norman up for Mt Albert

Before we go any further there is a selection process - so he needs to be confirmed officially - but he's the Greens' man in Mt Albert. Norman Nominates - from Frogblog:

Russel has described himself as the “underdog”, and said he did not believe National could win the seat. The Herald reports:

He said National had ruined its chances with plans to “bulldoze their way through the electorate”… and the ramming through of the Auckland governance changes.

These are the issues that Phil Goff in his letter to the electorate this week said Labour would make their own: The SH20 motorway tunnel and the Auckland super city and in particular getting a referendum held. This focus and common front of policies will put a lot of pressure on the National candidate.

Norman is most certainly the underdog. I don't think he has the personality to get much above the 11% party vote they got in the electorate last year no matter how much grass roots support is available to be tapped in the area. The Greens have massive potential in Auckland, but have gone soft. The biggest strategic failure of the last two elections was not targetting Auckland Central - now it's gone blue instead of Green.

He risks damaging himself as leader rather than raising their profile if - if - he get's creamed. The Greens need that back-stop electorate seat guarantee of not being wiped out if they duck under 5%, so a co-leader running makes sense... if they can win or poll respectably. I can't see how Russel can win and I'm not confident he can get over 15%. That 15% would probably be enough to get the National candidate in though. It's a gutsy call, but one they have to make to show they are serious. The electorate awaits.

[UPDATE: The Green's take on the SH20 motorway issue is not to build it (tunnel or otherwise) at all:

Greens website:
The transport dilemma is a classic example, said Dr Norman: “The old parties are arguing over two bad ideas in Waterview. They want to either bulldoze a suburb or blow $3 billion. The Green Party offers a better solution. We would fix the public transport system first, relieve congestion and give Aucklanders a faster, cheaper way to get to work and the airport.”

That's a good point of difference with Labour in the campaign. What can we get for that $3b? --UPDATE ENDS]



At 24/4/09 9:18 pm, Blogger andrew said...

"We would fix the public transport system first, relieve congestion and give Aucklanders a faster, cheaper way to get to work and the airport.”The biggest problem with getting to the airport from anywhere that isn't close to SH20 is the amount of fucking around that is involved. The arterial links from the airport currently terminate at Hillsborough and somewhere in the vicinity of the Wiri Oil Terminal. For anyone living out West, or in the central city, there is an slow grind (which can take up to 45 minutes to get to the CBD in OFF PEAK times) through suburban streets riddled with traffic lights. For those on the Shore, it requires either a slog down Manukau Rd to the Queenstown Rd interchange on SH20, or a detour all the way to South Auckland on the Southern Motorway.

Current 'public' transport connections to the airport are a joke. From Avondale to the airport teminal involves a 1 1/4 hour journey involving both buses and trains and costs almost $20 each way. Would you trust the rail monkeys when you need to catch an airplane? I sure as hell wouldn't.

There needs to be seamless motorway connection to the airport with the Waterview SH20 interchange serving the Central, Western and North Shore areas and the Southern SH20 connection at Manukau to serve South Auckland, the Eastern Suburbs and the Waikato.

Ultimately, a high speed, 24/7/365 rail link to the airport is needed, certainly connecting it with the CBD. This will serve the majority of tourists who currently use the outrageously expensive Airport bus, as well as providing a workable alternative to driving for Aucklanders who are flying.

I wonder wether anyone has worked out the cost to the economy of currently having such a poor access structure for the country's major international gateway.

At 25/4/09 4:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Greens cost Labour the Mt Albert election it'll be WWIII. That's a promise.

At 25/4/09 10:54 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

if Norman [GREEN] can get say 8% say,
that would giver that loser Goff [LABOUR] a lack lustre look,
and NAT PM KEY well don't you be so sure,
this is a big ticket seat dudes, get ready,

At 26/4/09 3:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If the Greens cost Labour the Mt Albert election it'll be WWIII. That's a promise."

Ah parentalism, how ugly it is.

This is a (Representative) Democracy, these are the rules of the game, put up or shut up!

That Labour has chosen not to lead with a trump card would seem to me, a missed oppitunity if another didn't take the electorate seriously and lead with their own.


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