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Monday, April 27, 2009

Community boards should administer pokies funds - not Minister's chums

Earlier this month I posted on the Tory chums in gaming machine corruption acquiescence - that is to say Richard Worth being the Internal Affairs Minister and his legal colleague and ex-National Minister Paul East being the head of the gaming machine lobby (Charity Gaming Association). My solution is to devolve the money raised in the community by pokies direct to (shock, horror)... the community boards. A good place to start implementing that is in the new Auckland super city legislation.
ODT reporting the CEO of the lobby defending the rort:

"We don't support wholesale changes. While a centralised grant distribution would look attractive, it would not be responsive to local communities."

The cheek of these people knows no bounds. They are the beneficiaries of an effectively centralised system operated by themselves that lets them devolve money away from communities. Fuck what the CEO of Pokies Inc does or does not support - these guys operate a scam. To use "local communities" as any defence to what they do is hypocrisy. They believe it is their right to determine where the money goes!? It's not their money - but they most certainly act as though it is (see post link for the paper trail). And the governments have just let them get away with it. Why? A mix of political donations and stupidity.

The whole system is a scam from one end to the other. The politically connected lobbyists, the dodgy pubs and their kick-backs, the racing industry... Incredibly rich therefore is their sudden concern for "local communities" - coming from the group that has manipulated the system so they can send money from the local community in one place to the pockets of the wealthy horse racing fraternity at the other end of the country.

"Responsive to local communities" would mean all the money made off (non-casino) pokies inside the area of a community board is to be remitted to and administered by the local community board and the grants distributed to groups who operate in the community board area. Simple. If what these people say is true then they would have no objection to that, would they?

But they will object vehemently of course because they are liars who stand to lose money from the scams they are able to get away with at the moment.

However, let's see what the Minister's meetings with lobbyists and the "industry" turns out. I do not detect any public pressure on Worth to fix the situation, there should be.


At 30/4/09 12:10 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please remeber Cr Barry Corbert is the one from Christchurch who advocated stabbing taggers to death as a good thing, requires 'market' rents for assisted housing and gives gambling funds to horses.


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