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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

nz blogosphere - top 20

The top 20 blogs in the nz blogosphere rankings are now in the sidebar. The list is coming out a bit late this month due to issues of a technical nature involving alcohol and summer. The full list will be up on our nz blogosphere sister site sometime tomorrow.

The crew over at Kiwipolitico sure know how to make an entrance - at #14 for the January survey - and Open Parachute enters at #19. The Dim-Post's satire and activity during the month sees it in the top 10 - at #8. Poneke didn't get around to blacking out his blog, but he figured out how to get a statcounter on there - which helped him lift his placing to #11 by showing that his real traffic was higher than the estimate - which is why the estimates have been lowered - to encourage disclosure (I lowered it for Kiwiblog too and Farrar revealed his eye-wateringly unassailable traffic Everest - e'Yoikers!)


At 25/2/09 2:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for thw work you do on this selwyn

At 25/2/09 3:27 pm, Anonymous blog reader said...

yes well done, a thankless task I'm sure


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