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Friday, February 06, 2009

Flying the flag

Te reo maori in mac os x
We did notice however, that there is a Maori option.
The flag associated with the Maori option in OS X, however, I have never seen before. The flag that I know as the Maori flag is black, white, and red and is easily found by Google image search. A bit more googling finds that the flag used by Mac OS X is the 1835 Declaration of Independence flag.

The version I use has it as in the image. The Tino Rangatiratanga flag would be the obvious one to use rather than the 1834 flag.

1863. Meaning the term Aotearoa was in use before the current NZ flag was created in 1869: [W]:

[UPDATE-- A war flag design of mine from a few years ago:
It's not a proper saltire (like the St Andrew's cross), it's more like an X - you can get the proportions right by folding a 1:2 flag into thirds along the horizontal length.

It is a simple and stark design of Maori colours - red, black and white (as used in the Tino Rangatiratanga flag and earlier Maori flags) - in a saltire-like cross based on a tukutuku weave (example pictured). The Southern Cross formation in red five pointed stars continues the tradition of using the constellation and the substantial employment of black and white is a conscious effort to incorporate the colours commonly used to represent national teams - itself a pairing of colours (or non-colours) associated with competition and victory. --ADDITIONAL:
I have seen the type of X saltire cross before referred to as a "Maori cross" in a NZ book - this was the Pakeha description from what I recall, but I cannot find anything on the internet using the term "Maori cross". --UPDATE ENDS]


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