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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Police motorway shooting in Auckland

Bernard Hickey (of all people) reporting:

Last Friday afternoon I was driving my family on to the Auckland motorway junction from the Auckland CBD. My six-year-old daughter was in her child booster seat in the back seat, right behind my wife in the passenger seat next to me. We stopped at the traffic lights going on to the Southern Motorway just off Pitt Street.
It was a tight corner with just two lanes. Our car was stuck behind another car at the red lights and there was an empty lane beside us on the left. I heard police sirens and then looked in my rear vision mirror to see a grey Nissan Skyline barrelling down the road towards us followed by a stream of police cars. It had obviously been in an accident already. Its bonnet was pushed up and the driver looked like he could barely see past it.

That's right past the block where the Auckland Central Police Station is. FFS. They blocked off traffic - we can see that from TV3's pictures - and directed the offender down the streets they chose. Now he might have escaped that and headed into town, or the police directed him into the CBD - either way the handling of the pursuit is open to as much criticism as the hail of deadly police gunfire that ended it.


At 28/1/09 2:11 pm, Blogger Nix E said...

I think they panicked as it happened so quickly so they thought it may have been a rational thing at the time given that the firearms squad had 2 get time 2 come from all over Akl,yep its scary they do that but they would think that would be the better thing 2 do. It's either 2 the city or 2 the other end of the motorway with less people either way its better than the city or in the surburban streets. Thankfully there was only one person injured/killed.

At 28/1/09 6:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe they were hoping they could nudge him in the main entrance and shut the door on him. Saves the tax payer a few bob if that worked.

At 28/1/09 11:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It happened quickley?
How do you work that out?

Hasty decisions were made but 40mins is a hell of a long time and it sounded like all of the vehicles were stopped or at least going very slowly when it happened.

Two word describe those events, "Yee Haa".

At 29/1/09 12:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys rampaging with guns are going to get shot at by the police. End of story.
It is unfortunate an innocent bystander got killed but if that guy was left to run wild a lot more people could have died.
I am not a big fan of the police in general, but I don't have a particular problem with this incident. It will be interesting to see what happens in the official report.

At 29/1/09 11:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the original post.

Magic bullet theory time.

How the fuck did this happen?

The perp was on top of a flat deck truck.
The cop was standing on the road or using a vehicle to lean on to aim.

Therefore, if aiming at the perp, the cop must have been aiming up. Must have been aiming 2-3m above the ground.
Aim is at the centre of bodymass, nowhere else, ever.
Hitting your target anywhere other than the chest is a miss, even if you hit them.

So where was the 17yr old?

It looks like he was in the van and a cop shot straight and not at the perp on the flat deck truck.

Or is this guy incredibly brave and did he jump him on the truck and the cops shoot the wrong guy in the struggle. No. We would have heard that loud and clear.

This wasn't an aimed shot at the perp. Any shot at the perp couldn't hit that kid who was meters away at the same level as the cops and any bullet fired at the perp, if missed would go up.

Of course I'm assuming the helicopter didn't do the shooting.


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