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Thursday, January 29, 2009

John Key to create billions in offshore revenue by auctioning off arm cast

PM plans to auction his cast for charity
Prime Minister John Key will auction the cast on his broken right arm to raise money for a charity for the blind in the Solomon Islands.
Mr Key told members of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomons yesterday that he would put the cast, signed by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, up for sale on Trade Me. He would ask wife Bronagh to make a bid of "$1000 bucks or so" to kickstart the auction. Mr Key broke his arm when he fell leaving a stage at a Chinese New Year function in Auckland this month. The cast comes off in two weeks and has been signed by other leaders as well as Mr Rudd. Mr Key said it was suggested he should sell it to raise money for a local charity by the Kiwi police contingent in the Solomons. The broken arm has sparked headlines around the world, including one in a British newspaper that read: "NZ Prime Minister gets plastered."

Unless Mr Key intends to make about $10 billion from selling his arm cast, could the Hawaii Kid please get back to fixing the god damned economy?


At 29/1/09 12:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's you plan for fixing the economy bomber?

At 29/1/09 4:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Key should make a cast of his wang like 50 Cent did, I'm sure plenty of the ladies (and a few of the lads for that matter) would pay for that.


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