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Monday, December 22, 2008

nz blogosphere rankings: top 20

The top 20 for the November survey are in the sidebar now. The departing blogs - or blogs losing some of their authors (to Nactional's spin machine in some cases) - after the election have affected the top order somewhat. The pre-election campaign period saw a spike in traffic across most of the blogosphere and a fall off immediately after the election (8 November).

The full list will be available over at the Tumeke! nz blogosphere site later today. I will also post a report here on the main movers etc. at that time.


At 22/12/08 7:01 pm, Anonymous Kerry said...

Geez i just had a look at one of the right wing blogs....wooohoo what a bunch of mental defectives they are! Now i now why this country to going to shit with them in charge!!!!!

At 22/12/08 7:17 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

yup, all in four weeks... Clown.
Tim, your shameless pursuit of page hits is becoming tiresome, I bet you are sitting there with site meter open and your johnson out, just watching all us OCD bloggers hitting refresh over and over again, Put the rankings up now you tease.

At 23/12/08 8:39 am, Anonymous Kerry said...

Well the righties are that toxic that they could wreck a country is days let alone 4 weeks!

GWB wannabe!


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