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Monday, December 22, 2008

nz blogosphere rankings : November survey release

The November survey is now complete and has been released at Tumeke's nz blogosphere site. There are now 205 active blogs on the list.

General blogosphere activity in terms of postings and traffic increased through October and peaked at the election (8 November) and has declined markedly thereafter to levels the same or below what they were previously. After the victory of the right at the elections there has been an upsurge in far Left blogging and traffic to those blogs. With the Nactional victory has come some retirements from the blogosphere as they take up positions in the new government. The evidence for this is also reflected in data below.

TOP 100:


#12 (+4) New Zeal
#25 (+7) Barnsley Bill
#29 (+38) Workers Party
#30 (+13) Fundy post
#39 (+7) WebWeaver's World
#42 (+6) John Key
#57 (+14) MacDoctor
#62 (+17) Samuel Dennis
#70 (+14) Eye of the Fish
#72 (+20) Kiwi Polemicist
#87 (+13) Blair's Brain


#11 (-6) The Hive
#15 (-4) Roar Prawn
#35 (-8) Blogs | Act NZ
#36 (-10) Big News
#43 (-10) Dave Gee
#48 (-12) Mulholland Drive
#49 (-7) Stephen Franks
#53 (-8) Just Left
#56 (-18) Jafapete
#69 (-9) Political Animal
#79 (-15) Media Law Journal
#85 (-15) I See Red
#86 (-28) Stranded in Reality
#92 (-27) Cicero on Politics
#94 (-16) Muzzerino
#99 (-27) Grant Robertson

[POSTS] Average per week:

120 Whoar
90 No Minister
75 Inquiring Mind
70 Kiwiblog
50 Homepaddock
45 Whaleoil
40 Standard
35 Hive
30 Not PC
30 NRT
30 Frogblog
30 Policy Blog
30 Roar Prawn
30 Keeping Stock
25 Liberty Scott
20 Hand Mirror
20 Barnsley Bill
20 Anti-Dismal
20 Half Done
20 Aotearoa: Wider Perspective

[COMMENTS] Average highest post per week

650 Public Address
240 Kiwiblog
150 Frogblog
135 Standard
70 Hot Topic
60 TBR
50 Not PC
50 NZ Conservative
40 Poneke
35 Winston Peters
35 Eye of the Fish
30 Policy Blog
30 Dim Post
30 Hand Mirror
30 Samuel Dennis
25 No Minister
20 Workers Party
20 John Key
20 MandM
20 In a Strange Land
20 Jafa Pete
20 John Ansell


#37 (new) The Persuader : www.jackyan.com/blog
01/2006+ "Publisher, Lucire"
Jack Yan : Left - Alliance : NZ

#64 (new) Put 'em all on an island : www.uroskin.blogspot.com
08/2003+ "Connecting the electrodes of queer wisdom to the nipples of bigotry and ignorance"
Uroskin : Left - Green : Waiheke Island

#67 (new) NZBC : www.nzbc.net.nz
06/2005+ "To inform and entertain New Zealand with unique, quality programming"
Stephen Stratford : ? - ? : NZ
Rob O'Neill : ? - ? : NZ

#71 (new) John Ansell : www.johnansell.wordpress.com
09/2008+ "Life, loony vers, and everything"
John Ansell : Right - Act : NZ

#75 (new) The Evolving Newsroom : www.evolvingnewsroom.blogspot.com
12/2007+ "Newsrooms, journalists, audiences, stories, networks, communities"
Julie Starr : ? - ? : NZ

#78 (new) Socialist Aotearoa : www.socialistaotearoa.blogspot.com
04/2006+ "of workers, by workers, for workers"
Joseph : Left - Socialist : NZ

#82 (new) Bowalley Road : www.bowalleyroad.blogspot.com
11/2008+ "Ruminations of an old New Zealander"
Chris Trotter : Left - [UPDATE: Labour] : Auckland

And the 100 Word Blog just happens to be at #100 this survey.

The list was also created to serve as a passive directory service for the blogosphere "community" - and it is gratifying to learn that bloggers are finding content they enjoy through the list.

In the new year there will be another look at traffic with another downgrade of the Alexa estimations to further incentivise disclosure. The idea has had the desired effect over the last few months in prompting bloggers (whose Alexa estimation falls below their stat counter data) to disclose to me (editor (at) tumeke.org) or to make public (on their blog) their actual unique visitor numbers. This has helped to improve the accuracy of the nz blogosphere rankings; so to those bloggers - and there are now quite a few - thank you.


At 23/12/08 4:03 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Owning mass-circulation newspapers and t.v channels like Sky is expensive to set up and is inevitably the preserve of big business.The "proprietors" of these media,are unlikely to allow these outlets to express views either directly or indirectly that are at variance with their own.No one should be surprised that the media on the whole reflect the essentially pro-business and pro-vested interest views of their 'proprietors'.There was a brief moment when the advent of new technology offered the hope that the press at any rate would become more accessible to those with little capital and that a rash of small-circulation papers would help to offset the influence of the mass-circulation giants,Those hopes have proved to be misplaced, but many of them are absorbed almost immediately into the large conglomerations, and few of those that remain can hope to match the power of the media moguls.Similar hopes are again held for the spread of the Internet, which is seen as an alternative outlet for views that may differ from those of the media establishment.The Internet does indeed offer some prospect of views other than the orthodox and those enjoined by the powerful gaining currency and being disseminated, ...did considerably more than reflect the tightly controlled debate sanctioned by the party machines.There is undoubtedly more to come by way of using this resource to free up the political debate.The reach of the Internet, is likely to remain limited, it seems unlikely that it will be hugely effective, in terms of its ownership and control the Internet is not as diverse as it may seem and is therefore less likely than its supporters hope to provide diversity in generating news and information.Merger and takeover, leading to the concentration of ownership is equally marked in the case of media and Internet companies.Expressed unease about these trends-towards the concentration of media ownership and the tolerance of cross-media ownership, like T.V 3 simulcasting news on radio live at 6pm and radio live simulcasting their news on the rock and the breeze etc.None has summoned up the political will or power of the government to do much about it...have they got the power to destroy them through their ability to manipulate public opinion, the ownership of media whose ability to influence every aspect of peoples lives, let alone their politcal views, is increasingly passing into fewer and fewer hands.Rupert Murdochs News Corporation has world wide interests in Australasia.As this inexorable process towards concentrating power in a few hands continues, it ensures that rival or different viewpoints are choked off and excluded...their dominance can no longer be challenged.Only the very richest and most powerful international capitalists can afford such an investment.New Zealand again offers an instructive example.Sky Television, a Murdoch-owned pay-for-view digital television broadcaster spent seven years chalking up large losses buying programmes for several channels.It succeeded in signing up nearly a majority of all viewers and began to generate substantial profits.The writing was then clear for the free-to-air broadcasters, and particularly for TVNZ, a publicly owned broadcaster with a charter from the government.Sky used its resources of paying monthly subscribers of god knows how much to outbid other broadcasters for the most popular programmes, outbidding everyone else for hugely popular broadcasting of sport, like cricket and the highlights are on after midnight on Prime...new national rules might limit cross-media ownership or foreign ownership, or limit this 'siphoning' of delayed coverage or provide staunch political support for public broadcasting which is under attack from the likes of "free"-view etc.

At 23/12/08 3:20 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

Explain matt mccarten and chris trotter then smart arse, and while you are at it, how about campbell, fatguts garner and skeletor himself oliver driver?

At 23/12/08 8:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't seen them blog on this "paper"?

At 26/12/08 8:31 pm, Blogger Paul said...

Sky Television is not owned by Rupert Murdoch: News Coporation has a 40% stake. Sky is not watched by the majority of the population: it is installed in about 40% of homes.

Apart from that, what does this rant have to do with blogging?

At 2/1/09 1:18 pm, Blogger Jack Yan said...

One would hope that entering government would be a reason for increased blogging. Whatever the case, a modern representative needs to engage his or her audience, the voters, not disconnect from them for three years.


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