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Monday, November 24, 2008

Santa Vs Falun

Falun Dafa go to court over Santa Parade
Organisers of the Farmers Santa Parade face a last-minute hitch because the Chinese group Falun Dafa has gone to court for the right to take part. The organisers say Falun Dafa is politically motivated and should not be allowed to join in. Falun Dafa yesterday filed for a judicial review of the ban in the High Court at Auckland. The parade is set to take place on November 30.

Hmmmm – I’m all for holding China to account for the appalling human rights abuses handed out to members of this strange little religion (they think their leader can fly like Criss Angel, and don’t start me on their ancient nuclear reactors) but I really don’t get why they should be included in the Santa Parade of all things in the exact same way I don’t think Greenpeace or Amnesty International would be appropriate at the Santa Parade, but then again I also think it's inappropriate for large brands to have floats as well.


At 24/11/08 9:23 am, Anonymous Thoughtful bugger said...

If Christ's Mass (birthday) is not part of their religion, they should not wish to celebrate it by taking part in the parade. Using the celebration of the third most important day in the Christian Calendar to promote the existance of another religion is an oxymoron!

At 24/11/08 12:56 pm, Anonymous Mr Magoo said...

Although I agree with the general sentiment that politics don't have a place in the christmas show, I guess the devil is in the details as to what is "right" here.

If they have already sold out their parade to corps and other religious/political groups (and this may be semi-political groups also) then they may have also sold out the right to prevent people from participating because this is not a flavour they prefer.
The courts will decide whether they still have this right.

In other words: you sold out the right to date? You lost the right.

At 24/11/08 1:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They let the Salvation Army March. They said the other day they want to let political movements into Santa Parade.

But Salvation Army was against Civil Union Bill. The religion is strange but so if Christianity.


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