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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Poppies on stilts

Okay back-hander-swipes-at-the-mainstream-media-for-cocking-up- why-Don-Brash-tripped-himself-up-on-purpose-on-bFM-with-Noelle- in-the-first-place aside – I am really stunned by the sheer venom so many have spat at Noelle, I mean some people are really taking time on those anonymous posts, this is becoming some sort of Oprah on meth venting session. It’s odd because the exact same vitriol was heaped on Oliver Driver’s appointment to Sunrise. Sweet Jesus you would’ve thought Oliver had personally sodomized each of their pets the way some were posting, yet Sunrise has had a massive jump in ratings and Oliver has been asking some of the hardest current affairs questions within the news spectrum and that flood of venom dries up pretty quick when the next object of vilification on sanctimonious grounds stumbles into sight. I don’t think Noelle was purposely plagiarizing any more than anyone of us do day in day out as we discuss the news of the day, which is what she does. Now of course you have to acknowledge where things come from, and she will be much more careful of that in future, but to try and have her publicly flogged for the grossest of intellectual dishonesties is just ludicrous and says more about those posting than it does her. Noelle is where she is because the girls got talent and her columns in the Herald are some of the papers best work (that back handed compliment wasn’t on purpose, I just forget how bad the Herald is sometimes). Her piece on traveling over the Urewera’s was gripping, her questions on feminism were honest and her column on the National Party power women was sublime.

Give the girl a break and go hunt down your next media victim, why the hell don’t you do something useful and crucify Garth George, for the love of God, hasn’t he earned it yet?


At 27/11/08 4:07 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media love to fuck over their own (eg. Tony Veitch).

What she (Noel) did was sloppy and lazy and raises doubts about her previous work, but should she lose her job? Probably not.

At 27/11/08 4:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sunrise was great this morning. Driver grilled John Banks and they destroyed breakfast in terms of Mumbai coverage.

At 27/11/08 10:53 pm, Blogger porc-épic said...

Gripping, eh? Have you done a quick comparison with Katherine Mansfield's 1907 Urewera Notebook? Can't be too careful these days.

While Garth George regularly makes free with my pet tarantulas, he always leaves a suitable "consideration", and begs forgiveness of the Almighty beforehand for that which he is about to do.

At 28/11/08 7:36 am, Anonymous Santi said...

Pretty Noelle is just not also another plagiarist, but a left-winger and darling of the illiberal press.

She ought to be exposed for what she is: a shameless plagiarist.

At 28/11/08 9:03 am, Anonymous studs said...

A more interesting twist is that she published the plagarised sections (and it was deliberate, as she did the familiar word change tactic in several instances), in the Herald and the paper never caught on or called her on it. THAT is of concern. RNZ caught her out when she read the essays on her show, but the original instance of plagarism went undetected and/or unpunished. Makes one wonder about Herald sub-editing and editorial ethics

At 28/11/08 11:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noelle's actions whether you like it or not are theft and people need to get with that. She's paid to come up with stuff, not steal it.

You cannot dismiss plagiarism lightly. She stole stuff, words, structure, ideas. If she was an accountant and dipping into clients' funds it would be seen as serious.
And called theft.

She works for public radio. We deserve better.

I don't think she is smart. I think she is ho-hum and on election night she was dumb and empty and dressed up.


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