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Friday, November 07, 2008

Nanny State – what Nanny State?

Moment of gold on Sunrise this morning, Driver was interviewing Key and Driver puts to Key that the Nanny State thing has been used as a myth so he ran through a list of the Nanny State hit list and asked if John Key would change any of them. A slightly perturbed John Key had to stand unblinking as Oliver went through them…

Driver: “Prostitution Reform Law”
Key: “No”
Driver: “Civil Union Act”
Key: “No”
Driver: “Repeal of Section 59”
Key gulps: “We’ve always said that we wouldn’t do anything if the law is working”
Driver: “Power saving light bulbs”
Key: “No”

The point is made, Nanny State is a myth and National have no intention of changing any of these so called 'Nanny State' laws, the whole Nannay State is as much of a myth as John Key being 'change' when the exact same people are standing behind him.


At 7/11/08 8:11 am, Anonymous aj said...

Exactly, and on top of that many of these so-called nanny state laws actually increase people's freedom and choice in how they live their lives

At 7/11/08 8:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God no one watches that awful Sunrise and watches Breakfast instead huh??! ;)

At 7/11/08 8:50 am, Anonymous Lance said...

so called 'Nanny State' laws

I'm curious - who "so called" prostitution law reform and the civil union act "nanny state laws"?

Not trying to be a smart alec, just wondering if this is a deliberate strawman or if some conservative idiot actually believes and stated publicly that those are characteristic of an anti individual liberty, compulsion/regulation oriented, overbearing nanny state. I'd really like to see a source for this.

I'm on the right economically, but I don't share the moral panic of many of my "brethren" (u c wot i did there?!). I always have a good chuckle whenever they use the term "social engineering" in a disparaging way, which is so wonderfully vague to start with it can be applied to oh so much. I have a question for them:

Which would you consider to be greater "social engineering" - Banning gay marriage through legislation and developing policies to encourage and incentivise the promulgation of the "traditional family unit"?


Minding your own business?

Same question - but this time:

Banning prostitution.


Minding your own business?

At 7/11/08 8:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Driver is the perfect objective interviewer. I still remember his cringingly arse licking show of love for Clark back at the music awards of 2005 and I have detested him ever since.

At 7/11/08 10:18 am, Blogger Sean said...

A complete strawman.

At 7/11/08 10:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a regular Tumeke reader and I was thinking of voting National, but your powerful arguments have really changed my mind!


At 7/11/08 10:34 am, Anonymous Aj said...

I think the right call all the social legislation passed in the last 9yrs nanny state. Includes repeal of Sect 59, Prostitution, civil unions, anti smoking legislation, healthy foods in schools, RMA, building permits etc.
The right's most recent strawman of course was the 'smaller showers' concept which was beaten up on so muc.

All politics is social engineering of course.

At 7/11/08 10:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

add to that list the banning of smoking inside , how everyone howled and moaned about that one... Having been crashed into by a stupid woman talking on a cellphone ( and then driving straight though a stop sign and into my car )i'd really like to see cellphones banned while driving too...if some people are too stupid to change then govt NEEDS to act...and i'll bet the NZ Fire Service is bloody pleased fireworks can't be sold all year round too.

At 7/11/08 12:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"and i'll bet the NZ Fire Service is bloody pleased fireworks can't be sold all year round too."

When were fireworks available all year round? Not for decades.

At 7/11/08 12:59 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

goodness me bomber, do yous get so old and weak before your time already , bomber drops plopper again,


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