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Friday, October 31, 2008

Worshipping British bullshit since 1840

Too many Poms in the newsroom combined with a slavish colonial deference to anything from the BBC - that's my pick. That's my explanation. The NZ media - newspapers, radio and television - have been carrying reports, endlessly detailed reports, of some London DJ's on a BBC station doing something idiotic. They certainly look childishly idiotic and so I have switched off before I could hear their childish idiocy. But this has gone on for three days now and our established media keep churning it out. I will not waste your time, dear readers, by linking to it - or waste my time by reading or viewing the "news" in question.

This isn't entertainment news, it is not international news, it is not business news, it is domestic UK tattle. The reason it makes it to the mainstream outlets wrapped up as legitimate news?

I know there are a lot of NZ and Australians working for the BBC in London, but you wouldn't see them reporting on some stupid Auckland or Sydney radio DJ's being cocks. I can't see that passing through the editorial chain-of-command without it being met with the contempt it would deserve. So why does this shit pass through the gaping sieve of what passes for newsworthiness in this country? I suspect it is because British immigrants - the only people who would care in the slightest, the only people in this country who would give it more than 1 second of interest - are making these calls in senior positions in the newsrooms. The locals see "BBC" and conclude that their British colleague must be right. Pathetic.

NZ bloggers however have entirely ignored this non-news event. We have important things to discuss. I raise this as a case study only.


At 1/11/08 12:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poms, Krauts, Frogs, Wogs, Niggers, Yanks .... foreigners who hates them.

Funny how some liberals will justify racism when it suits them.

At 1/11/08 3:33 pm, Anonymous pascal's bookie said...

This whole "story" is a media beat up from go to woe-is-me.

There was no outcry at all after the phone call, none whatsoever, none of the parties involved were giving a shit, scandal wise. But then one of the tabloids pounded the story for three days on the front-page and bingo, apologies needed, sackings required and mucho discourse on the slipping morals and general lack of young people with the respect. Fuck that noise.


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